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Long enough to pierce his brain stem
Now all he spews is rape sodomy,and more rape
There is another abuser here
but its not Art or Danny
Its the Phoney Bologne  Whiney Wayne

At least Babbletits and Sharon did some great work to close Elan..
All you do is whine and lie Waynie
Today would be an excellant day to kill yourself
and YES I would pay to see it. Tho I dont think it will be too much longer. You are one miserable SOB
Either is just fine

Nobody raped anyone at elan
Nobody cares what you post
Most people would prefer you to just die
How about you and Babbletits hold hands and jump off a bridge
I would pay to see that

sock puppet central
Whining waynie,and his tale of deciet
Striking resemblance to Marky and Sharon BS
Coincidence.. Nahhh
All on welfare scamming the government
Too disturbed to get a job,contribute into the stream of life
Take take take take take take

Im suprised the State Police havent paid you a visit yet Waynie
1700 plus CL posts.. gotta be some kind of tweaked out,obsessive/compulsive record
See ya in Sept Wayne.. If the inmates at the county jail let you live that long
I suspect you will be shitting over a bathtub for life,as tyrone and whomever, bore you out,like an engine block

Wayneboy (and I do mean boy)
Cant back peddle fast enough. Ive actually gotten quite a few laughs outa Wayneboy and Marky the illiterate,55 yr old fool stalking folks that dont agree with his perverse opinions,and statements.
Is EVERY Elan Survivor a creep ? Or is it just a pre-requisite to post here
Fucking liars/losers

Wayne Kernochan wrote :
> You notice that Larry the drug dealing, Dept of Labor robbing,
> Methamphetamine dealing, ex city councilman with four Driving while
> Intoxicated charges, isn't here demanding the money I owe him?
why would that matter Fecalboy ? You did the crime,he didnt. You are the one convicted,not him

> You rob the state for $6,000, you better make the witness who reported you
> for asking him to do your face to face, look bad
Ok and you harrass,lie,and feel free to make up stories of homosexuality about people.. Always about homosexuality. Seems to be your sharpest weapon you can muster.. Kinda like a child throwing a temper tantrum
> I'll be in Lebanon in September and have alread contacted the judge and a
> lawyer
Yeah I bet the judge finds you credible LOL.. And how you gonna pay for that attorney,or will "we the people" be carrying that burdon for you as well.. I bet I know the answer
> Larry said his father and the judge's father were in the Klan together.
> Larry better ask him to recuse himself
  Prove it! Page number and paragraph.. I heard that somewhere
> Anyhow, I'm way too busy writing to Maine media about Bill Diamond's book
> and my review of it. Sent 27 e-mails today, will do many more tomorrow
You are way to busy harrassing a state Senator,and telling wild stories,and accusations of wild gay sex.. Now accusing a Senator
Yeah I bet this is gonna work out well for ya Wayne
You should be in a cage,cuz you wont pay what you owe for Grand Larceny.. Class A Felony ?
add the harrassment of others.. Yeah this should work ouot just fine for you

> Don't kill yourself Art. I hear stripes make you look svelt
Why would I want to Kill myself Wayne ? My life is great. I get paid well,I live well,people globally respect my opinion in business. Why would I be going to jail ?
Please tell me.. I need a good laugh today. I was out late having an awesome dinner with old friends,and Im kinda tired

Open Free for All / Re: Another fax was sent to HEAL
« on: March 12, 2013, 06:09:14 PM »
My Lil Grimey Nigga wrote :
> The Jew sent the fax to HEAL
So over done. Who do you think you are fooling ?
You've been playin the anti-semite card a long time Nazi
Same bullshit
Same attention seeking
Same whining
Grow up you overgrown asshole
Get a job

Open Free for All / Re: Another fax was sent to HEAL
« on: March 11, 2013, 06:31:24 PM »
Hugo Long wrote :
> Gook Chinkin is right. If you mess with Art he will shoot you and if you
> mess with Danny he will shove his nine inches up your ass
> Three at a time LOLOL
> Wayne will stab you. Enash will suck your kkkkkkockkkkkk and ????????? will
> harass you at home and the workplace
> Elan survivors are savage pieces of shit who will make you sorry you were
> ever born
> They deserved the abuse
If Danny had 9 inches,sharon would be all over him
Gonna be in Kalama tonight Sharon. You can join us if you like,and fill out a complaint against me at the same time. My buddy is WSP.
I know this is much better for you. Being a liar,coward and a thief and all
Sure is funny to watch you make a complete fool of yourself @ 55 yrs old

Running scared Yup I am
The all powerful,convicted felon,on probation,for stealing from someone helping him out
Gotta be a coincidence that Marky and Sharon are also convicted felons
I would be vewwy careful. The 3 of you will attack me and my family on a anonymous website
Make wild and absurd allegations
Omg how will I get through it
Almost wish you grow a pair and kick in my door
Pantywaste cowards

Open Free for All / Re: censorship and and the fornits catch 22
« on: March 06, 2013, 08:28:36 PM »
wow dude.. you are really reaching
Lemme know if you come up with a better one
Pay Larry what you owe him you scumbag
I hope you find peace.. all of us deserve a little slice of peace. Extremely sad,that some of you are still hurt. I dunno man,hard for me to guess whats in other people's heads. But I really feel bad,that you hurt just the same.
You are all a bit too much for me,and tho its been fun
Its done
God Bless You

Open Free for All / Re: Another fax was sent to HEAL
« on: March 05, 2013, 12:20:47 PM »
Wayne the Wiener Licker
You really are a Blithering idiot
Kill yourself
Today would be best

Open Free for All / Re: Jr. staff? ART is an ASS and ass director
« on: March 04, 2013, 09:15:05 AM »
I was re-entry staff,, I said Jr staff to Angela,so as to not describe what re-entry staff is or was
Dude.. Take a pill,go for a walk
Point your mind elsewhere
its over for most survivors,and we are pretty happy that the place is closed. They can no longer hurt children
Cept you morons who wont get better.. cuz if you do
you wont get a welfare check,food stamps,and attention
In my 49 years,Ive never seen a bigger group of losers on this planet

and "Fuck you Kike"
I wonder who would send fax like that to anybody
Lett me make it a little clearer for you Angela
There's only 3-4 people that attend,participate in this garbage,are emotionally crippled
What area code did it come from Angela
As I stated earlier. These folks DO NOT represent the mainstream of Elan Graduates,and or those who went there and dint graduate.As you can see,they are very ill. the kind of illness that keeps them sick at all costs. Its no longer about putting Sharon Terry in Jail. Its now about WHO will put her in jail. Which will never happen BTW,or Marty or Jeff or any other of your abusers
Your biggest abuser today,is yourself. If I had no job,no friends,no comfort,I would be angry too
Again I Want to apologize for the Child/children who sent that to you.
Remember,these Elan jerks are only a handful of jokers who want every one to suffer.Unfortunately
The world has,and continues to pass them by.
Look at Mr Babitz. The Ringleader.. The guy that gets everyone motivated to attack people. He's 55 years old. Most people that age are raising a family,looking forward to retirement.. But not Marky. Marky plays games with peolpe on the internet. Marky wants to hurt their feelings and maked them sad. Mark wants to be the king
Yet he is unemployed,liar,thief,and general manipulator.
If I can be of any service to HEAL.Feel free to contact me

Open Free for All / Re: Art Warshawsky the Scumbag
« on: March 01, 2013, 07:20:48 AM »
Sorry you didnt get any attention from me,by name yesterday Marky Babitz
1) Sharon was never raped by me,or anyone else. SHe only told that story in Elan to minimize her punishment for running away (her words)
Wayne,by all means,please kill yourself. Would be like a public service. That way you cant go around ripping people off (3800.00) and you certainly cannot molest any small children again. Have you paid him back yet ?? I doubt it. You are but a coward and a thief.. Just a common thief
Look thru the trash here,and show me where I advocated for Elan.. You cant,so theres another lie Wayne
As Ive said,countless times,I was a Jr Staff. Hell I was only 17,few months after I turned 18,I was offered an asst Directorship,and turned it down. By that time,the fairytale was over,and I was able to see Elan fro what it was.
I got fired for ignoring a directive of putting 2 kids in the ring. I wouldnt do it
There is no 2 sides of a fence. But if you stopped the lying,and exposed the facts,you'd probably get the attention you crave,and perhaps an attorney would look harder at this. But when you use SHOCK - VALUE to make a point. Most people ignore you. Truth be told,you are sick,and you show off your sickness multiple times a day
I know you'll post some crazy nonsense on CL later.. Cuz you cant control yourself (part of the mental illness). I Will remain happy to laugh at you some more
Thanks for exposing the other screen names. How about you tell us all how many screen names you have ?
How's that harrassment case against a police officer going ? did you get probabtion? Fine? Jailtime?

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