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Quote from: "DannyB II"
I would say that the confession he made to "ONE EX-RESIDENT" will be very hard to dismiss. It was made late at night between two people. Mike initiated the engagement with this person. It seems that everyone either is unaware of this confession or chooses to ignore it. It is compelling and goes to the heart of the case against Mike. Ofshe is not going to persuade anyone to throw this confession out. Mike wanted to tell someone else other than his brother.
You are making a bigger fool of yourself than Wayne could possibly make Danny.
Mike never confessed to anyone. I dont care if you did his Intake assessment. Did he confess to you ?
He did not
and you think Higgins or Coleman are credible ?
You are talking about things you know nothing about = again/still
what good could possibly come from that statement?
Beyond you're Opinion?

I was there for that GM,and signage. Mike never confessed to anything. After 4-5 rounds in the ring,panting like a dog,bruised and beaten.. there was no admission. He and I slept in beds opposite each other,and we talked all the time. I wouldnt say we were best friends,but you couldnt have a best friend in elan.
Was the mileu we were forced to live in
I had a couple conversations with Frank Garr,told him the same thing.. But he was stuck on finding,or making him guilty (not sure which). Joe's testimony,and others from the Elan circus,tainted the outcome of this trial
eye witness testimony from a known herion user,and a loser looking for cash is how this case came about.
Furman is and was a lying idiot long before the Skakel circus
The one who really makes me sad is Dorothy Moxley. She is missing her daughter. Im not sure she cared WHO was convicted,as long as someone paid the price
Unfortunately,justice was not served,and over 10 years later,its time to make right. Even if he DID do it,which I disbelieve. .The penalty,at that time,would've been Juvi Jail until Mike was 18.. Maybe 21
This is a miscarriage of justice IMO

Quote from: none-ya.
Art threatens everyone. He's done so since his Artman1111 days

He's a punk, tis true. just like Danny Bennison. A windbag with no bite

faggot is more like it

You should come kick this punk's ass then toughguy! You know where I live Sissy
You are all talk,all stalk
Here's the latest threat
I will see each of you 3 in Jail,in a cage
Where animals belong!

Well said
You are right
It's no secret who this person is
But this whole thing begins and ends with Sharon and Mark
I have a part in it.
I see an end to it as well

Quote from: Sum-Ya
So you think you can lure underage girls to motel rooms with promises of drugs and alcohol? Oh no..... One day one of those girls fathers will find you and beat you so bad that you'll be sipping your vodka through a straw for the rest of your life you over weight drunk pig. fuckoff!
Are you threatening me ? I sure hope so Whiney
I gotta know
Is it the Meth,or the booze ?

Troll attempt ?
umm  no
Everyone here knows who I am,what my user name is
How would that make me a troll,Vs your numorous usernames,alias ?
Wait.. Dont answer. It doesnt matter
any more than Deleting posts will do you any good
You are caught

I bet you are the authority on Sexual Predators Whiney
I saw on Amazon,that there are numorous people that call you a hack,and a liar
The each lie,you are exposed for being the liar. You dont have a court date in Sept either
does everything that comes outa your mouth have to be dishonest ?
You have spent far too much time with Sharon. You two share alot in common.
Tho you might have to wait a few weeks. I think she is working on her 20th marriage. Who knows,maybe she'll have another child,and name it after you.
She sure can pick em.
971 ........ in Longview Wa. Good place for her. High Unemployment,high welare/food stamps,and whatever other entitlements she can get
Just like you Whiney.. Entitlements .. cuz god forbid you should get jobs
Im sure someone would rape you both,if you had to work. That seems to be how it goes for Wayne and Sharon. Raped multiple times,in multiple places,since you were teenagers
Waynie.. Arent you like 50 yrs old? Still getting thrown in jail for Drunk and Disorderly conduct?
I bet you get the best Meth in Ct too'
You got it going on girls
When I grow up,I wanna be just like you two
Im jealous

Open Free for All / Re: Wayne Kernochan
« on: April 05, 2013, 08:06:32 AM »
Nope,no autocorrect on  my "comuter"
Its a 454 Sunurban. Gets 6  blocks to the gallon. Downhill with the wind at my back
Sharon,Marky,find something else to do
I suggest suicide
I Will make a 500.00 donation to the charity of your choice

Open Free for All / Re: Wayne Kernochan
« on: April 04, 2013, 09:10:14 AM »
I never read much I. This thread,unfilled this morning.
Total fraud,same bullshit,sentence structure,and lies told for years by Sharon and Mark.
A) this Wayne moron has been spoonfed the bullshit by Dumb and Dumber
B) its been Sharon a Mark all along pretending to be Wayne,and any number of people
This is what happens when unemployed,welfare,foodstamp folks can't find anything constructive to do with their time
Help to close elan,then continue to harass survivors....for fun.
Sharons sharpest sword is Rape. Unfortunately feeding bogus info to even a ghostwriter,is still plagerusm,and its right up her alley.
Mark is in on it too. He has a very distinct way of Making up stories,especially of sexual nature
He can't help himself

Open Free for All / Re: Wayne Kernochan
« on: April 03, 2013, 09:48:33 AM »
So Whiney
WE know about the molestation that you got caught at.. But offenders like yourself re-offend 98% of the time (your words)
How many other children have you Molested Whiney ? Come on,you can tell us. WE are all pals now
What ? all of a sudden you are bashful ? Is that why you burned your parents house to the ground ? Because they disowned you ? Cmon Whiney,tell the truth. Are you still stalking young children,or have you been "cured"?
Nice pics of Cock.. you' favorite subject
So.. Mark Babitz ish

Open Free for All / Re: Wayne Kernochan
« on: April 02, 2013, 08:49:33 AM »
Art turned his back on Wayne after learning he was a Fraud
As far the Reporter aka Marky the Fraud. The best part of this, has Mark responsible for harrassment and bullying
Its already been proven by IP Address thanks to a former Moderator = oops
sharon wasnt raped,and she certainly didnt need any drugs to entice her
a .99cent cheeseburger would've done the trick. But I treated Sharon like a friend,took her to dinner numorous times,and truly enjoyed her company until later in life,when she became tha angry,nasty mouthed,emotional cripple
Shame she didnt turn into the adult I thought she would. She used to be someone I cared for. Then I moved to the West Coast,and she has been an asshole ever since. But thats part of what makes this country great. Some succeed in life,some just barrel through it,with their eyes closed,no direction,and hope for the best
I can see that worked out great for Sharon. Even the folks that loved her,got shit on. Her own children wont speak to her. I got to see her Grandbaby,and to date,I dont think she has. I dont understand this. I would die if I couldnt see my children or grandchildren.
Marky,you have been,and continue to be the biggest loser I have ever come across in my almost 50 years. Who are you cheating today ? You are aweful proud of that truck,that you scammed the government to get. I bet you gotta live in it,cuz you are unemployable. But I bet you have SSI,and disability paying your way in life
I better get to work. Someone has to pay for your welfare and foodstamps

Elan School / Re: ElanReopened?
« on: March 31, 2013, 09:13:00 PM »
Did your mommy not hug you?
Or are just the miserable sob you always are
Now that's funny

Elan School / Re: ElanReopened?
« on: March 30, 2013, 09:34:54 PM »
Cry much?

Thats funny .. you should do stand up
why would you want to intentionally cause pain to Survivors ? does that make you feel good ?
I spoke to the (at the time) director of that house.. funny this person doesnt have a clue who you are either
I think that makes just about EVERYONE

I will answer any questions in person,pick a day you are available
Meet you for lunch
Otherwise.. you may have relations with yoursel
Something I believe you are an expert at
Dont get any on ya

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