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Looking for a comprehensive list of articles, documents and scientific papers related to WEED?
So am I. So, I will post those I have, and I will post others when I find them....your encouraged to do the same!

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / PTSD and it's Symptoms (what you got?)
« on: August 28, 2013, 05:29:07 PM »
I got:

Free forming anxiety
Explosive Anger (RAGE)
Agoraphobia (house aint burning, no desire to leave)
Low Self Worth (oddly accompanied with an exaggerated sense of self worth)
Racing thoughts
Spotty memory
Difficulty in Relationships
Suspicious (Distrusting)
Suicidal thoughts
Dissociative features

But other than that, I am the epitome of mental health!
Thanks Straight Inc, no telling where I might have been if it weren't for your warehouses!

How about you? What you got?

Fuck FaceBook....I miss this place....ya buncha fucks!
 :jerry:  :jerry:  :jerry:

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / WARNING Re: E-Mail from Me
« on: March 16, 2011, 10:21:25 AM »
Do NOT open any email from me at all...A spook is spoofing my with me any other way but thru e-mail
Woof/Dave Anderson

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Dave Crock Found!
« on: March 03, 2011, 12:21:02 PM »
Yup, ya read right. Dave Crock is on Face Book...go figure...he didn't think we wouldn't find him?

His wall address on Face Book is;

Whelp, I have made it home after the third and finall shoot, which took place in Tallahasse this past weekend, I just wanted to say I made it home, safely. I would like to thank Mike Sherman, Jessi Boyle for making the trip from St. Pete, to Dade City, and then from there to Tallahasse. I would also like to thank Mike Shermans wife,Rhonda, for being such a gracious host for allowing us into her home.

I would like to thank the countless FSU students who graciously took us, treated us with the utmost respect. Thank them for genuinely listening to us and exhibting the deepest empathy and understanding. Many of these folks, if not most blew off dead lines for thier final papers, their thesis's and all the other obligations they had facing them....just in order to be A PART of this monumental, historical event. Some students called students and other colleagues from accross the state who dropped everything and made it a  priority #1 to be involved with what was taking place. Thier enthusiasim and willingness to be of service was astounding.

Our voice, our plight has been heard, and has been recognised. We all owe tremendious amount of thanks to these young students who sacrificed sooo much.

There is soooo much to say right now. It is not unlike a 5 gallon bucket filled with silt. At first it was all very murky, and to  no small's still murky tween my own two ears. No amount of elaboration will make sense right now...The 'silt' in the 5 gallon bucket, if left alone, will eventually settle. At which point, the story could and will be better told.

Please give me the time to allow all this to settle. I will be more than happy to elaborate and give a full account of what took place and a blow by blow description.I know our community is excited and chomping at the bit for information as to what took place, how it was done, was it accurate, when is the final copy to be released, etc etc etc. Yes, no doubt.

At the moment, I have only been home less than12 hours. Please allow this to simmer down abit, and let my thoughts slow from frantic spinning to a cohesive line of thought. Once that occurs...and I expect that not to take to awfull long, and I will be more than happy to elaborate and to take any questions...if there are any.

Much Peace
Continued Healing

Bubba the Love Sponge® Show is now on Face Book. Over the holidaze he said he was going to do expose's on PUBLIC FIGURES. Two people come to mind...Mel & Betty Sembler. I wrote on his wall to see if he, the show, would follow up on his promise. If ya have a FB account please go to Bubba the Love Sponge® Show on FB...look for my post and please chime in. If enuff interest is shown, and enuff compelling evidence is shown Bubba will react. Think about 12,000 "success's"...roughly 50,000 victims. Think a shock jock wont jump on it?

Much Peace
Continued Healing

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / RTP 2003
« on: October 12, 2010, 06:06:52 AM »

I got your message. You were at the Atlanta airport, enroute to destination unknown (by me) quessing California? Ya know I am most shitty in regard to telephone, and keeping up with messages, returning calls, answering it when it rings (in general, I hate the fucking phone).

If Califorina is/was the destination. I am most happy for you! Hell, if destination was anywhere outside of Florida, I am most happy for you! Once ya get camp set up and your all honkered down send me a PM with contact info and lemme know how your doing.

Much Peace
Continued Healing
(Get the shit further legalized out does California, the rest of the U.S. will follow)


Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Found!!
« on: July 24, 2010, 11:16:54 AM »
Pardon my absence in recent months. (or however long)

However, I have found one of us from the St. Petersburg, Milton Roy/ Morgan Yacht era.

With his permission I am posting his name. He is alive, he is alone, he is scared, he confussed. I told him of our commity/communities here on the... i-net and he is anxious to hear from those who he endured. I have offered to help him piece together our shattered childhood, but your thoughts and prayers for him will be greatly appreciated and I know it will do his heart/spirit more good than one could imagine.

His name Dave Buick, circa 1979-1980

Much Peace
Continued Healing

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Mel is at it again!
« on: April 08, 2010, 02:10:58 PM »
Mel and his cronies, minions and other vermin are silently lurking in the background of the local major league baseball, the city of St.Petesburg and stadium rebuilding. Bottom line, Mel wants a stadium! Pink Floyd lyrics are running thru my head…(Think I’ll buy me a football team).

A meeting of the Tampa bay tiger club just ended at the St.Petesburg Yacht Club. Mel Semblers chief corporate minion Craig Sher, spoke for 20 minutes, and prattled on about how the community would suffer financially if and when the Tampa Bay Rays break their lease with the city. Keeping mind this is the brainchild of the Bay Walk Area of down town St.Petesburg, which has been a dismal failure since it’s construction.

Mel has been in many shit storms up and down the eastern seaboard, even in other countries…not mentioning his ambassadorship to Australia and Italy. Leaving behind a trail of slime that reeks with arrogance. Now Mel Sembler wants to make a name for him self in stadium building and place himself in the baseball business model.

Clearly, this is all just hitting the fan…the facts are not all out in the open. Craig Sher was an arrogant dismissive speaker and a pompous, disrespectful ass to even his first questioner, who was a city council woman! After the news showed the 20 speech/meeting they went right to other news and promised to have the entire thing on demand and sure to have it on their web sight.

In the mean time here is a link to the clubs news article about Craig Sher.,a ... -coalition

I am so in sensed right now, and inexplicably pissed off! These assholes are developing shit piles (they are developers) and creating a wake of shit for everyone to swim thru! Financially, ethically, and morally they are the lowest cretins in the immediate 200-mile radius. And to think, just imagine that one fucking dollar that came off my soul is in Mel’s pocket infuriates me to no end!

More as I hear it…

Much Peace
Much Healing

edited for grammar errors

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / 32 years ago today
« on: January 21, 2010, 08:04:59 AM »
32 years have now passed, January 21st 1978, was my initial intake into Straight Inc.

---Warning--- The following post is lengthy, wordy, long winded, there are 2500+ words. Haven’t the rime to read now? Then don’t read them now. If you have read other lengthy post by myself, and found them to be drool and uninformative, stop reading now. If you are willing to sift thru the words and see if there is any relevance to your experience…read on! ----End Warning---

Friends, and Those I have yet to meet:

A topic has circulated my thought stream for a few weeks now. The topic is not new. The topic has been an undercurrent in many of my own writings, and as I have read other’s efforts over the years, I see the familiar undercurrents woven like a tapestry. Although the words change, the palpable presence of this (once recognized) can be witnessed and experienced.

Often, as we uncover the experiences of the past (or emerge on their own) , there is a sense of singularity, as if we as individuals are exclusively experiencing the memories of the past, or, are experiencing the effects of the past. For those that contribute to the forum, the room, the site and or the message board, there is a degree of vulnerability experienced. In the past I have described this vulnerability as exposing my throat and handing you, the reader, a razor sharp knife. Happily, I have not had many experiences where readers have taken that knife and held it to my vulnerable throat. Although there is no small degree of relief associated with this realization, there is a sense of emptiness when the characters on the screen illicit no response from others that are sure to understand.

Another facet to this experience of divulging personal experience, so sensitive to the individual, is when someone steps up to the plate and says something to the effect of “Yeah, I understand”. These simplistic three words create what has been dubbed as VALIDATION.

This term, VALIDATION, to make valid, to substantiate, to confirm, authenticate and or verify ones experience, has shown to be a most valuable comfort to the feelings of vulnerability. Reliving our experience thru our own memories, is one thing. Perhaps a valuable necessity for ones own sense of “rebuilding oneself”. Or even while quite literally piecing together fragmented memories and making every attempt at making sense of our youth. When we place our finger tips to our respective keyboards, I believe there is a hidden or unacknowledged need to understand, and to be understood. On the other hand, perhaps these needs are not hidden to the writer, but painfully obvious.

By far, my greatest experience with this so called VALIDATION is actually meeting with other Survivors in a face to face situation. Opportunity, if not fate, has afforded me this experience on more than a few occasions. I am not sure I can adequately express the impact of such an experience. The experience of VALIDATION, in my experience is one that is equally shared between two or more individuals. That is, for the one feeling “alone”, the experience is shared. The experience is extremely powerful and long lasting. Undoubtedly leaving an impression with the one experiencing the VALIDATION for a significant period of time.

As in nature, there is an equally powerful experience that opposes the sense of VALIDATION. I have settled on the word, DISCREDADATION or simply, DISCREDIT. That is, refusing to accept as true or accurate, to disbelieve. Taking this one step further, an attempt to cause disbelief in the accuracy or authority of ones own experience. Ultimately depriving one of good repute, to disgrace, as in personal attacks to DISCREDIT one with different experience than ones own.

Categorically, these two terms are mutually exclusive. The two terms cancel each other out, in essence making the other null and void by nature of their definition.

In ones effort to seek VALIDATION, there is an effort (consciously or unconsciously) to DISCREDIT another’s experience. As this unfolds, the effort to DISCREDIT another’s experience, the VALIDATION (which I believe we all seek) remains allusive. In this effort to DISCREDIT another, we further alienate ourselves further from VALIDATION, thus inhibiting further understanding. What begins as an effort to come to some semblance of peace, can quickly escalate to overt hostility.

The result of this juggernaut, is a sense of being “apart from” rather than being “a part of”.  A sense of being excluded, rather than being included. Ultimately, I am coming to see that this is disastrous, as an effort at resolution. A cancerous ambiguity settles in and discourages us from further efforts of understanding. What can be more devastating? Who among us can see the future effects of this line of thinking? Does it mean another 20 years of burying and denying the existence of the 800lb gorilla that faces us daily in the mirror?

I have rung the bell for VALIDATION for sometime now, as if it were the end all. Mistakenly thinking, this is the ultimate solution to coming to peace and acceptance of that which nags incessantly at so many of our souls.

The word “mistakenly” was chosen because, I have come to see it is incomplete as a means to understanding. By nature of the word, VALIDATION, we unknowingly or consciously DISCREDIT those with differing experience. Just the opposite seems glaringly obvious, when we DISCREDIT another beings experience, we put further distance between us, as individuals, to the ultimate goal of understanding and “healing”.

Also, what I see as natural, is often lumped into a common saying of, “Birds of a feather, flock together”. I think to be accurate and obvious. In a recent dialogue with another Survivor I made reference to three separate schools of thought, or three camps of thought.

A) The Pro-Straight Inc. Camp
B) The Anti-Straight Inc. Camp
C) The Camp that reflects on benefits and horrors of Straight Inc. equally.

The Pro & Anti Straight Inc. Camps of thought seemingly appear to be the predominating Schools of thought and bring about the largest degree of debate. Often with stringent antagonism towards the opposing School of Thought. One can not help but to see this in most any site/forum/message board. One side strongly defending its viewpoint while aggressively discounting the experience of the opposing camp and vice-versa.

The attempts made by either/both sides are viciously defending and attacking one another in attempt towards the VALIDATION of it’s own experience. The friction between the two generates tremendous animosity towards one another, resulting in bitterness, infuriation, hatred and a environment of hostility that is not suitable for the thin skinned. Once again this behavior further excludes the silent, possibly the majority of those in the lesser known of the three schools of thought, whom I will call the, ”Moderates” for lack of a better term.

The self proclaimed Anti-Straight and the Pro-Straight camps create such an atmosphere that the “Moderates” are often over ridden, over looked and all to often swept aside, intentionally, or more likely in a blind calloused manner. The efforts of both the Pro & Anti Straight camps in their alarming effort to be “right”, often neglect to consider the emotional welfare of those in the “Moderate Camp”.  Ultimately refuting and dismissing them, along with their experience, without so much as a word.

In light of this observation, I feel the need to ask the question, Who in the hell do we think we are? For those in the Anti-Straight Camp, who expound and pontificate upon the injustices of Straight Inc, does the inconsideration of another’s emotional welfare justify and give a clear example of how we should treat one another? For those in the Pro-Straight Camp, does this insensitivity reflect the values of what is held in such high esteem? Shame on us!

This is not an effort to chastise or criticize any particular school of thought. This is being written in an effort to bring peace and civility to our community. This is  being written with the intent of laying aside our differences. If not completely, then to a point where we can respectfully agree, to disagree and perhaps closer to a mutual respect for one another.

Today, it will 32 years since I walked thru the doors of the Milton Roy Building in St. Petersburg Florida, January 21st, 1978. In many ways it seems as if time has simply slipped thru my fingers. On the other hand, it seems as if the 32 years has been a long tumultuous endeavor.

For several of those 32 years I have been active in these “places”, various sites, message boards etc. In that time, I have run the full spectrum of emotions and I have met many wonderful people as well as locked horns with several along the way.

But I have grown tired. Mentally, physically and most certainly emotionally. Yet, I continue. Why? When every fiber of my being screams for refuge and solace, I am still reading, I am still engaging and should we have another “gathering” I am still going. But why? My health record already indicates one heart attack. I have already lost one marriage and another at risk because of my involvement in these “places”, and here I sit with my fingers furiously pounding on my keyboard as if my life depended on it. But why?

Why, why, why?

What else can I do? Where else can I go? Who else can I talk with? Who else would understand? Nothing! No where! No one! No body!

It was a cold shock, realizing that those whom I feared, despised and distrusted the most, are the same ones I now need the most. There is no other place for me to go. There are no others I can talk with. Certainly, there are no others that can understand. And so, there is nothing else I can do.

Once I had my first experience with VALIDATION, I think I knew what is in the preceding paragraph, to be true. Once I experienced the DISCREDITATION, I mean really experienced it to my core, not only was the above paragraph true, but I found it to be fact. I found after this DISCREDATION of another survivor to be one of the most painful experiences of my life. So much so that my wife found me in our front yard at 2am sobbing uncontrollably just before Christmas.

I experienced such vile hatred and targeted one individual with a viciousness I haven’t experienced in such a long time that I was in a state of shock. How could I be “healing” when I experienced such pain? How could I be at Peace, with such a cauldron of HATE simmering so close to the surface? I sobbed knowing full well the capacity for such rage was still well within my grasp. Me, a grown ass man, 32 years after Straight Inc, talking of “healing” and “peace”, but attacking someone who had the audacity, to simply have a different experience in Straight Inc. than my own.

VALIDATION had betrayed me! (at minimum I had accepted the concept and not considered another side to the coin) I will leave the sites! I will leave and find other pursuits! The mind was quick to lay out detailed instructions. But something saw thru the attempts at further self-deception. It was the moment of disillusionment. Good word, but a horrible experience this…disillusionment! I had 31+ years after Straight Inc and a good quarter century coping with the experience and then in an instant be taken out at the knees by my own actions. WTF?

All my years, searching, looking, asking, probing, growing, learning, being, and coming to grips with it all…poof…gone…in a mouse click I destroyed everything I had strived for. To describe it as a “shitty moment”, is the understatement of the year (2009).

The disillusionment was not quite complete. What I thought I had lost, hadn’t actually been lost. That ¼ century of time and effort simply was the foundation of this understanding. I had to accept there was more to the story of Straight Inc than I gave myself credit for understanding. I realized that to support my sense of VALIDATION I had to accept my experience was my own experience. Even though I had the support of good folks that had similar experiences. That VALIDATION could not be completely supported by my lopsided opinion.


The sudden shift in thought threw these words, and more at me. No one actually used these words, but they echoed thru my skull. Fear of rejection, fear of not being understood, fear of being shot down and the process of thought was/is not even complete. To complicate the issue, there is a compulsion to write about it. Generating more exposure to what obviously is still a fresh wound without so much as a scab to offer protection!

Well, today is the day that subconsciously, I have been less than happy to welcome. And I wonder if any progress has been made on a personal level. When I look at the masses of people in these rooms/boards, I ask myself the same questions. Have we, collectively come any closer to the “healing” I have written about so many times before. There is a tendency to be cynical , and believe my answer would be no, no we haven’t. And yet, I can not rely on my own experience and think others have had similar experience. In short, I can not trust my own insights, and it is presumptuous to think others have not “healed” to one degree or another.

32 years now, 25 of which has been devoted to this “healing”. Have I come closer to that goal? Do I have a firm grip on the effects of Straight Inc? How much of the indoctrinations still have an influence on my day to day life? Has the VALIDATION been anything more than a sense of unity, familiarity and security? Has VALIDATION blinded me in someway that I have neglected to take others accounts into consideration? Or is it predictable as a growing experience, to find what works, then what works better, to ultimately what works best?

Many, many questions. Answers are few and far between. Each day I have to simply place one foot in front of the other and keep walking, keep stepping. Sometimes, there is a bit of side stepping, others, well, there are steps backwards. I suspect, what is most important is that I simply continue moving, do the best I can. Meet and welcome people with whom I have similar experience and not to rule out those who had differing experience. Maybe take it one notch further, to embrace those with differing experience equally with those I have similar experience. This wont be easy. I suspect, as in the past I won’t have a graceful experience and there will be further turmoil. If the goal is “healing”, there will undoubtedly be a price to pay. And who knows, as the lyrics of The WHO from the song “The Seeker” says: ’I won’t get what I am after till the day I die’. But in the mean time, I can have a more peaceful existence with those whom I come into contact with, whether their experience is similar or not so similar, just keeping in mind, they to have had the Straight Inc experience.

I wish you all Peace
I wish you all Much Healing
Aka: dave

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Bridging the Gap
« on: January 14, 2010, 08:43:13 AM »
“Mankind censure injustice fearing that they may be the victims of it, and not because they shrink from committing it.”

Taken from Plato's "The Republic"

In continuing my search for understanding the vast divide between folks who view Straight Inc as a tragedy in their lives and those who see their experience as a life changing (for the positive) experience, I have stumbled upon this quote.

Many months ago (what now seems like years ago) there was a "gathering" held in New Castle, PA. The idea of putting together a documentary on Straight Inc. was introduced. The "documentary" idea brought about a rush of enthusiasm, as could be expected. It was abundantly clear that those with a negative experience would consume a majority of the time allotted for a 60-90 minute effort. As such, an idea that bubbled to the surface, in an effort to give the audience a well rounded understanding of Straight Inc. The idea was simply to include those stories of folks that found Straight Inc to be beneficial at the time and have since benefited from the experience. Thus, making the documentary balanced and unbiased.

If all the facts and facets of the story were told, the documentary would be informative, rather than propaganda. The idea of illustrating the negative and solely the negative would undoubtedly be skewed. The idea of the documentary being fair and comprehensive could best be reached only if all sides of the story be told.

Well, I am not sure of the status of the documentary. Financial concerns, logistical concerns amongst other concerns may have brought the idea to a temporary stand still. But that has not kept my mind from sorting out the questions and observing the obvious disparities between the ying and yang of the Straight Inc. experience.

I have learned, through locking horns with those who staunchly disagree, that this is no simple process. The challenge being; secure enuff, emotionally speaking, to approach another with opposing view, in a non-threatening manner and without feeling my own view point would also not be threatened. The challenge also includes a willingness to set aside the inexplicable need to be “right”. Could I be open, intellectually, emotionally and compassionately, to accept each experience as authentic? Could I maintain an open heart along with an open mind? Could the investment I have made in time, effort and in an emotional sense, continue without being threatened, when peering into the mindset of those with opposing views? Could I become a disinterested 3rd party, setting my own experience aside and allow for another’s experience without resorting to hateful, slanderous and general intolerance? Could I accomplish all these things mentioned and maintain my own sense of dignity? Could I tolerate these folks and save myself from the burden of all things hostile? Could an atmosphere of mutual respect be cultivated?

I have found this to be nothing less than a daunting task, to say the least. Disassociating myself from my own emotions, for the sake of understanding the other side of the story has proven to be one of the most challenging efforts I have attempted in my own recent history. For all the questions mentioned above (which are but a few I have) the answers are elusive. Essentially, sometimes yes, sometimes no…neither lasting for any great length of time.

My question, to you, the members of this group/message board…Am I alone in this quest for understanding. Does anyone see a value in this quest for understanding, other than my own understanding, (which I have held for over three decades). Has anyone else gone beyond the status quo of “Straight Sucks” and the polar opposite “Straight is Great” and made an attempt to understand the disparity between the two?

If so, am I asking questions that have no answer? Am I asking questions that are vague, inviting the yes/no type of answers? If not, are the questions moot and void of meaning, of value? If, indecisive, are the questions disturbing, generating more harm than good? Thus creating a further distance between differing schools of thought, encouraging further exclusion rather fostering an environment of inclusion.

For those from my own school of thought, I am not abandoning my allegiance or my commitment to reach out to those in need of support, understanding and healing. For those in the opposing camp, my experience (and views) have not changed and suspect they won’t. However, the divide between the schools of thought, I believe, need a bridge if only to create and encourage a tolerance, acceptance and ultimately an understanding.

I will be cross posting this on Fornits, Face Book (Straight Inc. Survivors, Straight Inc. Atlanta, another but it‘s “private“ and I haven’t been invited) and the Yahoo Straight Alumni in the hopes I may get a broad spectrum of responses. All of which will be greatly appreciated.

As always:
I wish much Peace
I wish much Healing
And further; I wish much Understanding
dave anderson
AKA: Woof-a-Doof

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Miller Newton's house
« on: November 19, 2009, 09:32:04 AM »
Miller Newtons House, Church and Sanctuary (Yeah Right)

Miller's house as viewed from the water...

I can't be the only one pissed I?
:flame: :bs:  :bs:  :bs:  :bs:  :bs:  :bs:  :bs:  :flame:

Wish me Much Peace
Wish me Much Healing

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / In a cheesy state of mind
« on: November 04, 2009, 08:35:27 AM »
For the past several days I have been in a wierd place. My body is telling me I am exhausted and yet my brain has been in a semi-state of overdrive. My mind inturprets this as further exhaustion and my body readily agrees. I have spent my time with my ipod, going about my day in a mechanical fashion.The music, readings, and teachings I have on my iPod seem to keep my mind occupied, and yet my mind wanders to far off places. Spurred by a sound, a sequence of words from a book, a teaching or a song. My mind is catapulted to faces I have known, to the faces I have yet to meet.  At times I have questioned my sainity, my strength  and my reslove. It's an odd place to be. It is as if I am on a treadmill and some unknown force, unbeknownst to me has turned up the speed of the treadmill as well as jacked up the incline without my knowledge or request. A friend, you know who you are, described it as "anxiety" or a sense of something about to happen. Yes, anxiety seems to point at the emotions churning about within my being, yet it seems comorbidly mixed with something that  excapes my understanding. As a result my mind searches in songs for those words that I can not articulate for myself.

This may very well be my most choppy, disorganized post in years. Taking songs and fitting them to my own emotions...well, seems cheesy. I can not help it, I am in a cheesy state of mind.

For example, from Kid Rock's "Only God knows Why" ---'I feel like number one, yet I am last in line'. Nuff said!

Another example is from Rush "Closer to the Heart"                                  

And the men who hold high places
Must be the ones who start
To mold a new reality
Closer to the heart
The blacksmith and the artist
Reflect it in their art
They forge their creativity
Closer to the heart
Philosophers and ploughmen
Each must know his part
To sow a new mentality
Closer to the heart
You can be the captain
I will draw the chart
Sailing into destiny
Closer to the heart

It is clear to me this didnt happen. Yes, "The Men who held High Places", molded a new reality but it was furthest from the heart. As young ones we could only hope, yet infact thier efforts drove us away from our hearts. In fear most of the day, we were poised to attack. Trust was but a legend, love was never known. (a twist of Neil Young's "Cortez Cortez") We brought tears and we broke bones. All the while, Men who held High places were smiling from the start knowing what they were doing would rip our families and our souls apart.

Today, now, at this moment, we are the blacksmiths and the artists. We must re-direct it in our arts. Verbal, written, visual and audial. We must forge our creativity to mend our broken hearts.

Yes to sow this new mentality, each must know our part. We each have a skill set, we most know them and use them well. Most if not all of us are highly intellegent peoples. The intellegence is that of a dual edged sword, mighty, sharp and strong. We need know when to sheath this intellegence and when it is time to wield it. We have this capasity if we choose. We can continue to slaughter our brothers and sisters, tearing us apart. Or we can do whats best in and for our hearts. The option is up to us. Each of us are Philosophers and Ploughmen, well have toiled in the fields of hate and loathing and have studied our own hearts. We may be broken and scars may always remain, but we can have a VALIDATION, one closer to the heart.

We don't need a captain and lets let the charts unfurl themselves. Live each day the best we can, carving our own that is closer to the heart!

And yet another, from John Lennon "You may say i am a dreamer, but I am not the only one." I hope one day you will join us and Straight Survivors can be as one.

As I indicated early in this post, I am not sure where or what direction this post is/was meant to take. Perhaps it is mearly emotional vomit. If I had a sour stomach, it would make little sense to self-diagnose what the problem is, but if I puke, just get it out, there is a strong chance i will feel better. Once the vomit is up and out, then perhaps it can be examined, picked apart to see exactly what it is that is going on with me If you have followed this to this point, and think you have supportive insight, I would greatly appreciate reading it and compare it to my own ideas.

12Step Wish Craft has a mantra that makes sense, "This too shall pass", but I am not comfortable allowing it to simply pass with gaining some understanding of what has taken place. In a 12 step environment, I am sure the KISSS model of acceptance would be advised, however, I am not one to subscribe to the idea of Keeping it Simple and Staying Stupid. Indeed, it may well pass, as I suspect it will, But again, I am not comfortable with ignorance of my own being. I am not afraid to search my own soul and face what ever demons that I have created tween my own ears. If it is something I must face alone, so be it. If others have direct experiance with that which I speak, I would be more than willing to examine everything said. I suspect, there are 12 step individuals lurking about and I mean you no insult, But as has happened in the past 12 Step folks have said..."You are analyising to much", well I draw you to another mantra "Think Think Think". I have eyes which where designed to see, I have since learned that the eyes are full capable of looking within. I have lungs, designed to breath and exhale, I have a heart designed to pump blood thru my circulatory system. And, I have a brain, it's function is to think and so it does. In short, I don't wish to be dismissed with superfulious (sp) fluff. In watching this happen to others, the slogans are usefull to dismiss another when there is no direct personal experiance and they are used to sound profound. I will not reject such slogans from well intentioned peoples that can explain how the particular slogan is used in detail in ones personal, direct experiance.

Much Healing for one (me) and all
Much Peace for one (me) and all

Taken from CNN

Starting on Monday we’ll be taking a close look at marijuana and its use in the United States. Is there a case for legalization? We traveled around the country, met with people on all sides of the issue, walked through medical marijuana dispensaries and got a clear idea of the different kinds of marijuana out there.

And what about using marijuana for medical purposes? Hear Melissa Etheridge’s take on the issue. She says it helped her through her battle with cancer. But there’s the other side too. We will speak to a 34-year-old teacher who is bi-polar who used marijuana for treatment but says it ruined her life. She tells Randi Kaye why she thinks marijuana is addictive and how she says the drug nearly killed her.

Tune in for the AC360° special report, ‘America’s High: The case for and against pot,’ starting Monday at 10 p.m. ET. What do you think about the issue? Post your questions and we’ll try to answer them this week.


Any self respecting survivor of Straight Inc. or any other facility would be doing a disservice if they did not watch this report and comment ASAP to Anderson Cooper 360 here ... ainst-pot/

We are the other side to the story!

Much Healing

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