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:grin: hahahahah. Foxy? those bony legs? well I can say that I did have a small crush, but it was defenetly the know when you become deprived of water and you start having illusions.hehe :lol:

oh yeah and the math teacher....Brent...brent me out gurls

Paul was so chill. He was great. There is a staff there currently called Russell Parks who it amazing. He is a lot like Paul.

Carla Green (now Carla Cook I believe) got married and left. She didn't say why (obviously wouldn't admit to leaving because of the school to the girls) I don't really know what her intention was behind it.

Erin was a teacher that was there and then left after I had been there a month. She was a history teacher and I don't know much about her but I know a lot of the girls liked her.

There was another Erin that was there for a little bit while we were on intervention (the winter of 2002) who was amazing. She was there for maybe a couple months and then left after we went on intervention. I think she may have left because of what was going on with us and sleeping in tents and stuff.

Two staff Jen and Jim quit and ran off with each other after Jim was having an affair with her. I don't know the details because I wasn't there for that but Aileen would. Don't think them leaving was abuse related.

Can't think of anyone else but if I do I'll tell you.

since we're on the topic of staff members, does anyone remember ellen (94-96 and earlier)? she was the science person and also did physical stuff with us. just wondering if anyone knows what happened to her. i think she got married to the photographer guy, roger. how do i remember these things??...

Hey Jen- good to see you here!

I loved Ellen, can't remmember her last name though...I often wonder about her too...


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