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yes, i believe it was Ellen Mills.

hey jen it was Ellen Mills...
she did marry the rodger guy and lives...last i heard in missoula and is no longer at the school

i was there when jim and jenn announced they were leaving.  they had been dating for like, a year, got married before leaving, and they moved to virginia to be closer to jenn's family.  

oh, and let's see... don (the maintenence guy) and his wife marsha (weekend cook) left in late 2004.  holly (the nurse) left shortly after them as well as jim and jenn.  she is currently working at a salon in bigfork. then marsha's replacement, abby, who was THE best staff ever at the school, left as well to pursue a career in mental heath.  she really cared about the girls and did everything she could to help us.  i really miss her. and her husband, rod, was the maintenence guy when i left.

abby came back.. now the nurse because joani, who replaced holly, left.  rod was still there.  zoe(dls/math), doug(aca/math), marianne)office), gary(therapy/founder), richard(therapy), cinna(outdoor), russell(outdoor), jj(english), chris(engl.) &jim rogers(therapy) all left.  sigrun (history).  i think that was the rest of it.


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