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Does anyone know the last names of the following employees or know how to get a hold of them:

Annie - cook in early 2000's
Julie - horse instructor in early 2000's
Paula - outdoor ed in early 2000's

And what about any other employees who left MMS because they were unhappy with the treatment of the girls. Wouldn't it be interesting to get their perspective of this whole thing?

Maybe they would like to join in and share their stories and their experiences.

Isn't it nice that in America we do still have freedom of speech. As long as everything told is truth then it's all good. ::drummer::  ::hatter::  :wave:  :tup:

I remember most of them, but not their last names..
There is one person that you didn't mention: we had a female therapist for a short while her name was Carla Greene.

Did carla leave because she disagreed with the treament of the girls?  she was there for a little while I was... i loved her!

I have no idea what happened to Carla, and have no idea why she left. She was cool.

I forgot to mention Paul Hensen?? I think Hansen,... someone help?

Paul Hansen, yeah... he was lots of fun, and apparently lots of girls thought he was pretty foxy :smile: Guess that's what happens when you're boy deprived!!  He is at a school in Arizona now... at least, that was where he was last I heard.  I kept in touch with him for a bit, but now I'm not.


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