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Fair Oaks Hospital in Summit, NJ?

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In the time I was there I also remember Elvis. This was in part of 84. One of the other things I remember is of the many roommates I had, one of them was there for smoking pcp which she explained she called Sherman sticks.

I also remember as a privilege some girl had a guitar and wrote songs about not using drugs and we were allowed out of the hospital to go to (I think) schools and put on a little singing performance and then talk to the other students about drugs. As I had never used drugs I found it odd they chose me.

I was there for so long, and had so much medication (remember having to take the medication and then open my mouth) I was a zombie.

There is so much that I can not recall but there was a boy there, his initials are BM and he was there for doing graffiti and if I can remember correctly was from Pennsylvania someplace and ran away once.
I remember another boy whose name I don't remember. I believe he was there for OCD and he was fixated on all things religious.

Does anyone know how I can obtain all my medical records? 

Newleaf512   I know FOH destroys medical records after a certain amount of time has passed.. (as do most hospitals) if you were in different hospitals you could try calling them and asking and if they have them there is a fee you are probably going to have to pay to get them...anyway hope that helps some.


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