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Fair Oaks Hospital in Summit, NJ?

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Found this site while "celebrating" the 17 year anniversary of my incarceration in the "ACCEPT" unit at Fair Oaks in Summit.  I haven't been able to find anything online about it, actually, since it was shut down over a decade ago, but I am curious if anyone else here may have any links or other information.  Just wondering if anyone else still has nightmares about "Dr. Strong".....

I don't think I've heard anything about it. Was it similar to some of the programs we like to dis around here? Do tell.
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Ohhhh.  I remember Dr. Strong very well.   " Dr. Strong Adolescent Unit !" "Dr. Strong Adolescent Unit!"  I served a good  6 months back in '87 or so in that institution and I didn't even do drugs.    A hell of a place.  All I did was play pool, learn how to make bombs, smuggle in "banned" music, and be on room restriction nearly the entire time.  The place was shut down for bilking insurance companies.

I was there in 1990...for no other reason because Dr. Rosenberg convinced my parents he could "reform" my wild ways.  Mind you...I was a pretty normal 14 year eating disorder, never did drugs, didn't drink...he just knew that my parents would do whatever he told them.

Fifteen years later and I still think about it.

I was there in 1990 as well! From January 29 to April 11th...


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