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let's keep from generalizations
« on: May 02, 2005, 09:56:00 AM »
hi all -
i am just cautioning people who refer to the "MMS Poll" about the fact that there have only been 11 replies.  I think the poll is a great idea, but no conclusions can be made based on such few responses.  Let time tell viewers of this site what former students' opinions are of the school.  You cannot rush this, because there are so many students who just found out about this website. Think of all the students who have attended MMS - more than I can count over the years.  The sample on this website is larger than any other one I've found, but its important to keep in mind that these are all individual opinions of just a few of the girls who went there.  And I am referring to all opinions - whether good or bad - generalizing from these opinions is not fair to former students, parents, or the school.  Its alright to form our own opinions from the comments, but we need to keep the numbers in perspective.  this means that if we give it more time, maybe a substantial amount of women will come out and share their negative experiences.  Maybe the same amount will have positive ones.  There is no way to know based on this small sample size.  

I don't know if this website was designed specifically for people who had negative experiences at MMS, but if this is a website for prospective parents or curious readers, it is completely fair for people to post their opinions, no matter what they are.  If some girls had positive experiences, I think some parents might benefit from reading those.  If some girls had negative experiences, parents have the right to read those comments, as well.  I apologize if this website was specifically for negative opinions, because this means that I misunderstood and therefore may have offended people by my story.  That was not my intention.  
  I don't know how, but reading through people's reactions to each other - both positive and negative - has made me cringe.  It makes me sad that people refuse to accept people's stories and move on.  There is nothing positive that comes out of arguing over these issues - if anything, it can further damage people's self esteem by posting comments and then having them analyzed and attacked.  And this is addressed to people from all sides - positive, negative, parents, visitors, etc. If we all keep in mind that former students of MMS are most likely highly sensitive individuals (I know I am), we might ask ourselves - what are we doing, really?  Is this productive?  I have no doubt in my mind that this forum started out with good intentions, but it now seems to me like people have resorted to finger pointing, being defensive, and being aggressive as a form of dealing with MMS.  Just as a suggestion to those who still struggle (as I do) - therapy is a wonderful way to deal with all these problems, and as adults you have the power to choose who you want to see.  Perhaps getting professional help would also help you move on from your negative experience.  If you couple it along with venting your feelings on this website, you might be surprised by how much more positive you feel.  I know that having a therapist has pulled me out of the rut many times since I left MMS.  
Everyone has a right to their opinion - I do not hate anyone for their negative experience, just as I hope people don't hate me for my positive one.  Let's not attack everyone's point of view - its so easy to do, but we all need to remember that we are adults now, and need to start acting like adults.  I post this and brace myself for any comments people may have, but please keep in mind that I have no ill intentions by writing this.  We all have our own voices that need to be heard.
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let's keep from generalizations
« Reply #1 on: May 02, 2005, 01:03:00 PM »
A suggestion - it's obvious people are feeling attacked on both sides.

If you had a good experience and you feel that all-around you came out of it better than when you went in, that's good. Very good. I'm hearing the others whose experiences were not so positive are still hurting deeply over this. They have a right to talk. They felt they had found a safe place to do that. Maybe if those of you whose basic response to all of this is positive, how about sharing some of the stories of what you didn't feel were such positive experiences. It would probably make the others feel that at least you are willing to look at the other side of things, EVEN if you had an all-around good experience.

For those of you who had a negative experience and are still feeling the pain of those experiences, it might help those who came out of it stronger than when they went in to hear some of the positive things you got out of it. Like some of the friendships you formed, and so on.

Dialog like this may stop this maddness.
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