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Kevin McDonald

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Anon, you apparently read the article, but didn't comprehend. Defensiveness will do that. You didn't get the basic information correct, how could you possible grok the overall relevance.

I don't get the relevence either. The person who shot him was not affiliated with the school. He was a local boy and she was a local girl.

SHH Anon Classics:
What was the "basic information" that Anon didn't get correct? She wasn't a night security guard according to the article. Only he was. And it also appears that she was not a former student. I am not sure what you are trying to say with your post about this unfortunate incident. Are you trying to say that employees of this school associate with troubled individuals? Or was it more to do with his drinking after getting off work? Or possibly his young age? Please elaborate so that the rest of us can understand your point. It isn't obvious to most apparently.

Doesn't matter what 'I'm trying to say'. It either has relevance for one, or not. Think for yourself, and draw your own conclusions, or ignore it.

Can you at least tell us what relevence it had for you? It seems most don't "get it"


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