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John Mercer


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Seems he sits on the Board of NATSAP:

Members pledge to follow rules that were created by other members-owners/manager of programs. How ridiculous?
And they present this organization to potential clients as an independent entity to give the impressions that they are regulated.
Look at their BODs:
Michael Allgood, Cascade School, California, 3-year term
Tim Brace, Aspen Youth Services, California, 3-year term
Len Buccellato, Hidden Lake Academy, Georgia, 3-year term
Bobbi Christensen, Crater Lake School, Oregon, 3-year term ... rt=0#29235
Kimbal DeLaMare, Island View, Utah, 2-year term
Gary Emmons, Brush Ranch School, New Mexico, 2-year term
John Mercer, Mission Mountain School, 2-year term
Jan Moss, Spring Ridge Academy, Arizona, 3- year term
John Santa, Montana Academy, Montana, 3-year term
Rosemary Tippett, Three Springs, Alabama, 3-year term.


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