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Hello everyone  :grin:

In case you all haven't seen these posts about MMS, they are kind of hard to find, here's a link to the forum, just do a search on 'Mission Mountain School' or MMS, lots of older alumni have posted and have some interesting perspectives to share. (including myself).

If anyone wishes to contact me, please feel free to do so at ... ch_forum=6

Also see pages 2 and 3 esp. ... t_point=25


Interestingly the 'Alumni Perspectives' of the forum linked above has become 'read only'.  Not only that, on the parent forum mention of specific programs is not allowed.  
I know the moderator, Kristie Woodbury, who attended MMS at the same time I did, is an MMS alumnus who feels strongly the program was a success for her, as does her father, Lon Woodbury, who runs the entire site. I wonder why they shut down one of the few forums that allowed alumni the freedom to express and share their experiences.  Hmmm...  
Can anyone say, censorship?  
I am so thankful for this board!!![ This Message was edited by: katfish on 2005-04-30 13:03 ]

You go girl!!!!  :nworthy:  :nworthy:  :nworthy:


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