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Thank you for sharing all you are doing to let Utah officials know about Whitmore.

In the same token, many of us will be sure they know about you and your daughter's alleged abuse against you.  We will be sure they check into DSS or CPS or whatever they call it in Texas since you did have a lawyer that helped you everytime your daughter called it on YOU.  What was that lawyers name? Never mind, I am sure there is a public record of it.

Word has it many of the officials have already classied you a lunatic or a woman that needs attention.  Well does your husband not give you that attention?  What about those Birthday Photo's? Weren't they enough?

Oh, just in case you are wondering, the new KIDS did not come from your Sue obsession, sorry to disappoint you, but there are others that refer highly to the Whitmore.

Go obsess over the Fire Codes now.  I am sure it makes your day.  I came on here since I have heard so much about this, and I am stunned that you have dedicated so much of your time here.  I hope your kid gets the same attention.

Don't worry I won't be back here.  Just needed to vent that there are some of us that know the REAL Joyce Harris.

One more thing Mrs. Harris, do you know exactly what your daughter has told kids at the Whitmore? I don't think the two of you are seeing eye to eye.

Joyce Harris:

Check with whoever you wish.
I have no records with any agency, anywhere, because I do not and have not ever abused my daughter.

And the photos that you refer to that were stolen off of my computer--and the FBI is preparing a "tampering with a witness report" for the County Attorney, Mr. Eldridge---were not "BIRTHDAY PHOTOS"....they were "Valentine Pictures" for my husband....nice ones I might add.  So please keep your facts straight.

And, yes--the fire codes are a serious issue, and I will be contacting Mr. Halladay to make sure he does another inspection to be assured that all VIOLATIONS are done according to meet HIS REQUIREMENTS.

Please continue to read this forum---you might just learn something.

Joyce Harris:
And since you just admitted you have seen the photos---the FBI agent investigating my case will be contacting this forum for you IP address and most probably be contacting YOU.

And IF you have been given access to my daughter's private/confidential records there at Whitmore--you can probably explain that TOO.

You need to read posts from the former students on this forum: the former students talk about how Cheryl Sudweeks forces students to tell LIES about their parents, etc in an effort to instill the concept of the "WHITMORE FAMILY."  So, you just can't worry too much about all that CULT-BUILDING STUFF that goes on there under Cheryl's direction in Cherl's little GROUP SESSIONS. Cherly forces the kids to LIE about their parents in an effort to get them to LOVE HER...sort of sick, huh?
 People here can refer to to lots of literature to read about CULTS, if you are interested.

Joyce Harris:
Oh, and since Mark Sudweeks said in the TRIBUNE article that they "have gotten out of the teen-help business,"  they shouldn't be needing referrals from ANYONE, now should they?


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