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Although she took exactly what she wanted from what I told her, I did tell her that I did have some good times. I also told her that at other times I had believed that Cheryl was incredibly mentally unstable and that she should not have been running a boarding school, hence my ridiculous, unsafe, embarassing, and demeaning punishments.

She does not care about the children, she cares about making Cheryl look good because she is

1. Being paid
2. Been brainwashed just like all of us had been at some point to believe that Cheryl really is a "god send" to troubled teens.

Fuck you izzy for taking my words out of contact. And fuck you Cheryl for not choking on your mothers Umbilical cord in the womb.

And also, fuck you Mark for being a pussy whipped bitch and not stepping in when you knew things weren't right.

And fuck BREK because he's a spoiled rotten bitch.

But I love the rest of their family.

Thank you for your post.
Doubt if any people believed Isablelle's "interpretation" of her phone conversation with you.
Who even believes  the lies she printed in this Whitmore blog?
That must be why she published the DISCLAIMER at the end of the blog--a lame excuse for printing hearsay, and cruel, vicious gossip and lies; and for parent-bashing.
You are correct, Cheryl Sudweeks is not any "god send."  God has nothing to do with people who choose to abuse children.
God certainly has nothing to do with people who choose to praise, and support such abusive people, either in my opinion.

If isabelle Zehnder misrepresented what this young man said to her in her disgracefrul Whitmore Academy blog, this woman should develop an ounce of intrigrity and take that blog down!
Whatever her intentions are for praising two people, who are admitted criminals--Mark and Cheryl Sudweeks, and their closed down Whitmore Academy; it should not be at the expense of a self-reportedl abused ex-student!
Shame of you, Isabelle Zehnder.

and oooooooooooooooooooooooooooN

Lol what a joke. I hope you all realize that that was the infamous Cheryl Sudweeks posting all of that crap. I know that for a fact. For christs sake I got friggin flashbacks of the psycho-maniac while I was reading  her posts because that's exactly how she used to sound. Trying to convince everyone that our families didn't want us and that they abused and raped us and that THE SUDWEEKS were her family. What a sick demented family they were ( I know i'm stating the obvious but COME ON). Cheryl Sudweeks, and ALL OF the sudweeks will burn in hell. Karma will take its toll on you and you WILL pay for what you've done you sick twisted manipulative psychopath


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