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Joey didn't conform to Chery's little GROUP THERAPY--so he was removed from the group by her DEMAND and beaten badly on several occasions...stomped, kicked, punched--hurt badly. Once sent to the "bunk room" to exercise, and beat when he stopped, for 3 straight hours.
Once he DARED to call home, was REALLY beaten badly at the boy's house in a cowardly way as Mark and Cheryl looked on...evil, evil, evil. Cheryl "helped Joey down the basement stairs," and laughed like a witch...and then continued her SICK GROUP LEADERSHIP SESSION. Other incidents, too. But this was some highlights of Joey's stay at Whitmore---but Joey endured, and he was brave in the face of torment and evilness of the Sudweeks' brutality.

Thank you for the information, i appreciate it.. yeah that sounds like what she did to this kid tony there too.. why did she pick joey out to be the number one victim though? were you there while he was? sorry for all of the questions im just very intruiged..

Cheryl is a tweaker, most probably suffers from  chronic//drug induced..deranged// unstable  psychosis ...restless,irritable,discontent...she needs to rage............anger is but a luxury
RAGE  from her cage......thus students suffer the consequences of her drug use//abuse ........very typical drug addict behavior.  She's a gorilla loose in the ASYLUM......the students are CHINA....and she hurts them.......physically and mentally........most are afraid...JOEY...wouldn't stand for it.......NORMAL HOME you say.....right.......GO JOEY............................I'm OUT

Why did Cheryl pick out Joey to torment? Probably the same reason Tony was singled out--who knows WHY?  Was this Tony A??? My daughter was there, not me...sad to say. (We parents have a lot of guilt for our poor choices/judgments).
My daughter says Cheryl was really mad at Joey because: Before Joey was brought to Lake Powell Cheryl's daughter, Trinity, caught him smoking in the Mansion...and supposedly he was rude to Trinity...and someone said he stole something. SO, he just "got on Cheryl's bad side from the get-go." His first beating was so bad, that the whimpy Mark finally called it off with his famous words: "That's enough Cheryl."
My daughter had only been at Whitmore a few days when this happened, and she was terrified.

Former Whitmore Resident:
yeah, i'm talking about tony A.. I'll private message you to ask who your daughter is, i was there for december 03 to december 04.


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