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Who knows the storie of Joey? Who wants to

i do not know the story of Joey. was he a student there?

Yes he was only there for about a month
intill he ran away after some of the kids ruffed him up but he was out of control

I think only Joey or his parents have the right to tell his story---many many mistruths have been told about him. Two here already! He was at Whitmore October and November 2004.
He was not out of control:  He was abused from the minute he arrived at Lake Powell--when Cheryl Sudweeks instructed all the kids to: "Make sure this kid knows this will be the worse year of his life..."

No one except Joey can tell his story truthfully. The Sudweeks are being investigated for abuse against this boy--witnesses who are willing to tell the truth can not talk right don't believe anything productive can be gained by this topic at this time.

solid advice.....keep this on ice.......strong evidence is forthcoming........GO JOEY!!!!..............truth is always known................WHITMORE ASULYM has some splaning to do......RIGHT LUCY??.......I'm OUT


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