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new WWASP school in NY, Ivy Ridge

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Acadamy at Ivy Ridge

5428 State Highway 37

Ogdensburg, NY  13669



Since I am going to school in NY now I am informing the NY child protection authorities, mental health agencies, and the local police in St. Lawrence County about this place and urge them to investigate. I really don't like the prospect of WWASP in the state I am living in.

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Go for it!... tell us what happens.

Boarding School Truth:
"Casa By the sea: I got the hell beat out of me by the following Mexicans: migel de la cruz, emauneual,efren,santeago,the director dace (American), Jason(old administration, now director of ivy ridge in new York)and Luke"

Here it mentions the new director of Ivy Ridge, maybe you could get some info from this article. Heres the link:


Boarding Schoool Truth

Boardingschool, where have you gone to?  Just the other day you said you might have to go nomad.  I didn't think it would happen so soon. Could not get on your "new" forum at :eek:  :???:

casa- i went to casa for 10 months. it was the worst place ive ever seen. i cried the first 6 months EVERY DAY! i was there for having an uncontrollable obsessive/anti social disorder known as asperger syndrome. often we didnt have toliet paper, we were refused medical treatments, i ended up with green discharge, pussy lumps growing on my legs, other girls were refused treatment for ingrown toenails etc... we were given subpar food...fat, grissle, bones...and we had to eat foods that would make the average person puke...and we were forced to eat it or wed be physically forced to sit against a wall with our hands out for days. i, being a goody two shoe only got up to a level 2 staff for having problems with laundry. most of the things i got had to do with speaking without permission, standing up without permission, looking out of line, not being fast enough, and sometimes because a mama just didnt like you. in fact i did make lots of friends there. i still talk with a girl who left level 3, just got level 4 the day of her leaving at parent weekend--the seminar. oh yes the weight issue. there was a girl. she came 100 pounds. she was about 180 pounds there. most girls gain upwards of about 20-30, even 40 pounds! i gained 5, but i wasnt skinny to begin with and i never did drugs. i was a computer nerd/virgin/never been drunk/no drugs/etc... one thing that i did like was that because of it im 15, almost 16 in the 12th grade with a 3.81 GPA. but that was all my work, not casas. i was always an overachiever. casa was a gulag, prison, concentration camp. its all true. if you read the most outrageous horror story you can find about it, it is 100% true. no freedom of speech is allowed. you are not allowed to say anything of what happens to your own parents, or you are penalized and it never gets sent. you cant even speak english there! the mamas often dont care about you and they treat you like you are a dirty slug and they think you are inhuman. the horror stories are true.


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