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Dr Fucktard:
Kudos to our web gurus! :flame:

Dr. Miller Newton:
A damned good job if I don't say so myself! ::cheers::

Fucktard, let me tell you- this couldn't have happened for us at a better time! Now things are really going to take off, and not a minute too soon...what with all of these pesky legal problems I've been facing- I was beginning to get pretty HOT under the collar at those relationship with my dear wife Ruthie was even starting to suffer (God bless her soul for persevering.) So it is with great satisfaction and a strong glimmer of hope that this new site is up!

Long live SIBS!

Fr. Cassian:
Thanks to our new website, admissions are up at the new, improved, all-ages, faith-based Straight, Inc.-by-the-Sea!  Kudos to our web designer, who has been hard at work bringing families the hope for a drug-free future that SIBS represents!  We're proud of you, keep up the good work.

Dr. Frankiln:
Thanks so much for you praise on the website design. I can't wait till we get the front row filled up with all these little malcontent druggies, especially these that?s right druggies we are out looking for you in the straight mobile right now!



Look forwards to seeing you on the front row


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