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Last September I made several posts regarding my son at TLC.  My wife and I were then pleased with his progress.  Needless to say, the reaction form the readers of this board was mostly negative.

I cannot comment upon other's situations; the reasons why their parents sent them off to Thayer or their TCL experiences.  My comments only apply to our particular situation.

So, for those who saw my posts, I wanted to pass along an update.

Our son left TLC in the Fall of last year.  He enrolled in a university and was awarded an academic scholarship.  How is he now:

1)  He is completely changed, no drugs, no alcohol no stupidity.

2)  We see him regularly and he is a completely different person.

3)  He both dislikes TLC and at the same time gives them credit for his transformation.  He refers to almost everyone there as a "dick".  He also said that if he had a son or daughter who acted like he did, he would send them there.

4)  He is a straight "A" student.

5)  He agrees that Thayer is the "end of the road" and for the kids headed for prison if they don't reform.

6)  He has become our dream son.

Thayer uses us as a reference.  We are pleased to tell parents of our experiences and how, in our opinion, TLC saved our son's life.

TLC is not for every kid.  It is for the truly hard cases, like our son was.  Again,  I cannot comment on other's situations and circumstances.  All I can say is that in the one instance we are intimately familiar with, TLC saved our son's life and truly turned him into a young man we are very proud of.


No sane parent would post an endorsement for this facility in light of the information that is now public.  And any parent who genuinely seeks help for their child could never, seriously, consider this facility after a minimum of research.

You sound very much like a typical brainwashed parent, eager to hand over the responsiblity over the problem child to someone else.

--- Quote ---6)  He has become our dream son.
--- End quote ---

Was that the purpose here? A lot of these programs seem to have a covert goal of creating the perfect stepford child. It sounds like all this was more about your dreams and wishes, and less about his well-being (well, you obviously had no regard for his wellbeing if you sent him to a place like Thayer).

--- Quote --- Thayer uses us as a reference. We are pleased to tell parents of our experiences and how, in our opinion, TLC saved our son's life.
--- End quote ---

Being the puppets of an abusive gulag is not something to be proud of. And that "saved his life" line is getting old.

--- Quote --- TLC is not for every kid.
--- End quote ---

TLC is not for any kid. No matter how bad they're doing, no matter what kind of trouble they got themselves into. No child deserves to go through that.

--- Quote --- It is for the truly hard cases, like our son was.
--- End quote ---

Another program buzzline. Programs love saying that their program is for "really tough cases", to justify their cruelty and abuse to the parents, while accepting any kid with any sort of problem, as long as his/her parents can pay.

I hope your son is/will be happy, and that he'll have a good life and come out of all this eventually. I don't see much hope for you.

curiously..this person says thay posted "several times before" regarding their son's experience, yet their profile says they have "1 post", which I presume is the post above.  Sounds suspicious to me.  Probably a Thayer employee, or the Bundys themselves.

You will find my prior posts in Sept. 2004.  Cptnemo


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