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WWASP forming non-profits in California?

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These organizations are both links on a WWASP site. They are both nonprofit orgs in california. They talk about researching how they can integrate no child left behind into recruitment. What is wwasp doing partnering/forming non profits in california?

This has peaked my curiosity so I will be writing a few letters at least... anyone know anything?


The CS Landre Foundation has been around quite a while.  It is named after a kid who went to Paradise Cove but was pulled when his parents couldn't afford the fees.  They make loans (yes loans, they still have to be paid back) to hard-up parents to keep the money coming in.

Poor Chris Landre's suicide probably had a lot to do with Paradise Cove but just read the WWASPie slant on it:
It just oozes cultspeak. ::puke::

Corey Murphy has a WWASP charity named after him as well.

Wow. I didn't expect that.  ::noway::  ::noway::

I have heard of two WWASPS kids who shot themselves:  Chris Landre and Corey Murphy.  

A former WWASPS kid (Michael Perry) is on Death Row in Texas and another, Chris Sutton, is currently wanted in Florida for the shooting of his parents (mother died, father alive but gravely injured).

Anybody else have any further statistics?



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