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Aint behavin'
« on: October 25, 2002, 12:14:00 AM »
I remember an "sitting indian style" halloween rap.There were home made costume too.So here we are,everybody sitz indian style,but I am "face kicking" again (thats what phasers' faces are for)but now they do the "sit on me" thing.Well these were my "brothers" and they were helping me,right?Not really>

1(I refuse to indian sitz.
2(They TRY to make me.
3(I kick faces.
4(Now they sitz ON ME
5(Heres the good part:with them sitting on me in a loving caring way,one of my "brothers" decides to have a little laugh.This guy would jab a pin in my foot,unknown to the other 5 people restraining me.With each pin jab I freak out.
Now I get pounded every time I squirm from the pin jabs.This guy is looking me in the eye and laughing every time I screamed from the pain.
I rest now because this guy had liver problems at the age of 17 from drinking alcohol.He is probobly dead now (or working with youths).
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