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Sexual Discourse: True or false
« on: April 02, 2005, 01:52:00 PM »
Question 1: True or False. It is more common for a man's left testicle to hang lower than his right.

Question 2: When a man ejaculates, the amount of sperm he releases on average is:
a) 1 teaspoon
b) 4 tablespoons
c) 1/2 cup
d) 1/4 cup.

Question 3: True or False. Early vibrators were used by doctors to bring women to orgasm as a part of medical treatment.

Question 4: A 2004 Cosmopolitan poll revealed what as a man's favorite sexual fantasy:
a) Doing it in public
b) Filming it
c) Tying someone up
d) Having a threesome.

Question 5: True of False. The "Kama Sutra" instructs men to make the sounds of the animals who lend their name to different positions like the dog, tiger or elephant.

Question 6: The G-spot can be found:
a) On the clitoris
b) Inside the vagina
c) On the cervix
d) Nowhere, it's a myth.

Question 7: True or False. Half of all American women say they have orgasms during sex.

Question 9: Which of the following primates has the largest erection:
a) A chimp
b) A gorilla
c) A human
d) A baboon.

Question 10: How many Americans in their 80s participate in sexual activities at least once a month:
a) 3 percent
b) 13 percent
c) 23 percent or
d) 33 percent

Go to the article for the answers: ... rts/692659
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