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venting about host parents
« on: March 28, 2005, 08:53:00 AM »
I had trouble sleeping last night thinking about some of the homes I stayed at in straight.

Dear Mrs. Hu**es:

I didn't deserve your condescending attitude and your ugly anger day in and day out. Our lives were bad enough during the day without having to come home to your nastiness. You were not my therapist, you were a patient of a bogus clinic like me. It was not my fault that you no longer wanted to be in straight and were angry that they wouldn't graduate your son. It is not my fault that you were poor (that is a consequence of having all those fucking kids and a shitty job). Furthermore, I did not deserve to have to justify to you why I deserved to eat your lousy food. Why did I deserve your one spoonful of peanut butter in my sandwich and half bowl of cereal? Because I was a human being who needed food to survive. Your comentary on my "therapy" was none of your business. You had no idea what I had been through, was going through, and whether this therapy was appropriate for me, which it was not not.

Dear Mrs. Cla**e:

Shame on you. Your child was a terror. He openly abused another child in front of you repeatedly. You are lucky this child is not dead or severely disabled from the time your son pushed him down a flight of stairs, yet you did nothing to intervene or report your son. You left that to me. You had no right to accuse me of being responsible for my own mother's death when it was clear to you that leukemia took her life. Your son, like many, did not have a drug problem, he had an emotional problem, and therefore abused his newcomers physically and emotionally. Why did you let it happen? You were supposed to be a responsible adult. You are supposed to protect children. I felt betrayed by you.

Some of these host parents were very fucked up. I'm not talking about the many who were brainwashed by straight like us all and went along with the lies, I'm talking about those that took it a little too far.
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venting about host parents
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