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Re: STORM RIDGE RANCH ?? (More testimonies)
« Reply #15 on: May 18, 2023, 05:51:44 AM »
Quote from: emily lybolt
Do not send you kids here! They are manipulative, abusive, and medicate incorrectly. Years later and I still have unresolved trauma even with getting my life back together. This place isn?t what you think it is and causes more harm than good. Just work with your child, get them in therapy, love them, learn about adolescents! Stay away from here. Save the thousands of dollars that will cause psychological distress. The girls part is horrible. I remember when I finally was leaving girls could no longer wear leggings because it made male staff ?uncomfortable? I mean that sounds like?. Just don?t! Even the 2 good staff workers don?t work here anymore because the corruption. Even after girls left they would stock them on social media and laugh (owners and daughters). If that doesn?t get you to rethink I don?t know what to tell you

Quote from: Lucienne B
Please spare your kids trauma and do NOT send them here. Please. All of the girls who have graduated this pathetic youth program are now traumatized and even have a survivors group on Facebook. They will break your kids bones, body shame them, deck them in the face, socially isolate them for days, take them OFF OF MEDICALLY NECESSARY MEDICATIONS TO HELP THEM LOSE WEIGHT do NOT send your kids here please there are so many options this is not one. My dad even regrets sending me here after I opened up to him about everything that happened. Here the things that happened to me, and the things that happened to other girls. There are other options. Sending them away? is giving up on your kid sending them here? is giving up on them. Please don?t do it. I?d never in a million years send my daughter to this child laboring emotional chop shop. Since this place I have developed an eating disorder that I seem to relapse on because of their constant comment of my weight when Ben himself is like 400 lbs. I have constant flashbacks of when I hyperextended my knee and they refused to get me medical treatment until my dad told them to. Them ?restraining? your child isn?t restraining out of fear of physical violence they bend their wrists or arms for NO reason, simply for talking back. They listen to your phone calls and will hang up the phone the moment your kids start saying anything bad about this place. Please please please don?t send your kid here. Refer to the ridiculous dock sheet below as the things your children would/will get punished for or even physically restrained for.

Quote from: Mejdjdj Sndidjdn
I was a student here 10 years ago. Initially I thought it was a positive experience, 10 years later I?m realizing it was a huge set back and very detrimental in how I process my emotions. Of course your kid will have straight A?s and ?good grades?. There is no teachers. Kids ranch in ages 13-18 so obviously not a teacher for every grade. You?re given packets to complete which are very easy to skim for answers. Didn?t learn a single thing but I got back all of my 9th grade credits (I had previously failed every class) and got back on track to 10th grade. Just because your kid is getting school credits doesn?t mean they?re being taught anything. This WILL be a problem later.
The therapist was extremely over loaded and seeming didn?t care for me. She was only there weekends for almost 20 girls at one point. Eventually they hired a second male therapist but still, there is not a licensed psychologist on site to monitor your kid or to talk to your kid at all times. I would talk  about the weather and drama at the house with the therapist. She never dove into my issues. I was never able to trust her because of the odd circumstances of being sent to a ranch against my will. This ultimately taught me to mask my emotions extremely well.
Something that will forever stick with me was being called a brat for crying on the phone to my parents after being lied to about the length of my stay (9 months but was told 3 months). They ended my phone call because I was crying hysterically, mocked my hyperventilating and told me I?m a brat. This ultimately caused me to believe I?m not allowed to express emotions.
This may still seem fine to some parents! But 10 years later this is causing me to lose my grip on reality. I had successes after this such as getting into beauty school at 16, completing school early, getting a job and my own apartment. I was there for 9 months, did the program how they asked and even I thought it helped. But things consistently crash down because I cannot process emotions or stress myself. I have walked out of multiple jobs because I cannot control my anxiety and I do not feel safe reaching out for help. I?m only now realizing how badly this place has effected me. I went to the ER a few nights ago for bad dysphoria and panic attacks, and was scared to express myself to the nurse and kept saying I don?t want to get in trouble. I have a very hard time trusting health officials and people here to help me because of my experience here.
I am now 24 year suicidal sex worker. Please just talk to your kid, buy them art supplies, take them on hikes. Try to be there for them. Do not send your kid to any type of school like this. Even if you see initial results, years later they will have emotional damage from this place.

Quote from: Reno Sorenson
My experience wasn't to bad for me except when I went there 12 yrs ago and the state of utah pulled there contract with them and I had to go to a new group home all the money I earned their from going out and working for other ranchers to make money that storm ridge said they hold on to till we leave the program stole it from me they would not return it and there excuse was the state pulled out contract so we had to keep the money which is not right by any means.

Quote from: A
worst experience of my life. i am older now and have realized what a horrible place it was. looking back at the trauma caused by other peers, staff, and management. please dont send your kids here. you will regret every second of it, i promise!

Quote from: Hugh Altman
I?m 34 years old?17 years later and I still have horrible PTSD from this place. Sleepless nights and hypervigilence are the norm. I know you want the best for your children but please do your research and look for other options

Quote from: Jordan Lagge
This place I feel like was not any help for me. I gained a benefit which was my high school diploma but can?t get in contact with anyone to get my information. Since it?s legal in Utah to restrain they had broke my arm and I?m still living with pain in my arm. Did not think this place was helpful at all!!