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Sounds like they've been reading complaints and critiques at Fornits. They're saying all the 'right' things:

Resident Rights
Residents have the right to confidentiality in both current and closed records. What happens in the home, or out of the home, will be kept private by staff and students.

Residents have the right to be treated with dignity, free from discrimination and coercion, and any type of treatment or intervention that is humiliating, forced physical exertion, or anything of a punitive fashion.

Residents have the right to voice a complaint or grievance without fear of reprisal on staffs part if they feel their rights have been violated.

Residents have the right to communicate by phone or mail to their family, caseworker, clergy, attorney, therapist, or physician.

Residents have the right to live in a clean, safe, and non-threatening environment with proper meals and clothing.

Residents have the right to receive medical and therapeutic services.

Residents have the right to be protected from potential harm or acts of violence by other residents or program staff.

Residents have the right of whether or not they choose to follow the rules of the program. Uh huh.

Residents have the right not to be physically or emotionally abused.  

"An integral part of the Storm Ridge Program is the involvement that the youth have with the ?Ranch? . The youth are expected to participate in the everyday running of the ranch including the care and upkeep of animals and livestock, horticultural activities, as well as general upkeep and mai"

Hmm.. guess that is maintenance? It just stops, mid word. Sounds like another ranch acquiring free labor from the kids, some apparently court ordered. Big on work ethic.
I found nothing on the director and owner
Richard and Mary Ann Larsen


--- Quote --- ... h%22&hl=en

Mary Ann Larsen - Member
Doyle Cutter - Member
Larry Jones - Member
Helen W. Ingles  - Member

Trina Swalberg - School Administrator/Instructor
Brian Wood - Assistant Director/Training Coordinator
Myron A. Mickelson - Assistant Supervisor, YIC, Sevier School District
Steven Rosenswieg  - Instructor
Genevieve Rodriguez - Receptionist/Assistant Teacher
Malana Jenses  - Assistant Teacher
MaryAnn Larsen  - Program Director
Richard Larsen - Farm and Ranch Manager

INTRODUCTION - DESCRIBING THE PURPOSE OF THE VISIT, THE SELF-IMPROVEMENT PLAN, CHARACTERISTICS OF THE SCHOOL, AND OTHER RELEVANT INFORMATION ABOUT THE SCHOOL A team of two educators visited Storm Ridge Ranch, a special purpose school for boys aged 12-17, on November 6, 2003, to complete a site evaluation as part of the requirements for accreditation by the Northwest Association of Schools and of Colleges and Universities (NAAS) and the Utah State Office of Education (USOE).

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Evidently, it's in candidacy for state and NAAS accredidation. Is that what they're advertising?
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Who's International Student Loan Center? ... ?locale=UT

--- Quote ---Administrative Contact:
      Joe Cronin
      Joe Cronin
      15 Cottage Ave
      Quincy, MA 02169
      Phone: 617-328-1565


longish list of typeical troubled parent ads
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I s'pose the loan center is that. Saw that in my search but just figured they offered financing for parents who couldn't defraud their insurance or get funds from the school district. Noticed Whitmore was on the list of approved facilities.

Re: Accreditation
Academics Overview
Storm Ridge Ranch offers an on campus school that meets all the requirements for accreditation through the Northwest Accreditation Association.

Did the NAAS notice have a date on it? Technically, they haven't lied if they aren't currently accredited by stating only that they 'meet all the requirements'. I found no claim that they were accredited.

PS They are licensed as an RTC with DHS.

Woops... they do claim to be fully accredited:
Academic Staff
Storm Ridge has an on campus, fully accredited school staffed by licensed teachers..... ... _staff.htm

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