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Dr. Fucktard:
Hello, Fornits druggies!  There have been a few questions asked regarding the new, improved, all-ages, faith based Straight,inc.-by-the-Sea, and I intend to anwer them in this thread .  If you druggies have any other questions , PM me, Dr Fucktard, Fr. Cassian, Ruth Ann, or Dr. Newton and I will answer any of the appropriate ones.  I know some of you malcontents are going to PM us with questions regarding our sexual proclivities, bathroom habits, personal hygiene, comments about our ancestry, and so forth, and I'm going to tell you right now that activities of that kind will not only get you started over and send you down the path of DEADINSANEINJAIL, but will remain unanswered.  

Our first question comes from an anonymous druggie girl who  asks, "Dr. Fucktard, is it true that you and Mel Riddle come from a planet of Gay Niggers and that you trying to take over our planet by using brainwashing techniques such as those used at [the new, improved, all-ages, faith-based] Straight, Inc. [-by-the-Sea]?

Well, Druggie,I can see that you spend a lot of time hitting the ol' bong these days, and I forecast a trip to the front row for you in the near future if you don't lay off the left-handed cigarettes.  I just told you I wouldn't answer questions regarding the sexual proclivities of Executive Staff, or respond to any comments regarding our ancestries, etc. and so on, but since my Awareness tells me that your short-term memory is being held hostage by the demon of THC, so I'll let it pass.  If by "Gay" you mean "possessed of incredible genius in the field of drug treatment" and by "Nigger" you mean "individual who cares deeply for teenagers and other druggies", then the answer would, of course, be a resounding "Yes!"  Any other interpretation would be unthinkable.

 Love ya!  Have a seat....

Fr. Cassian:
Hello, Dr. Fucktard!  I've got another question for you from the druggies at Fornits.  This one comes from "Trekker Jag" and he wants to know, "What kind of compensation does the Executive Staff at Straight, Inc.-by-the-Sea receive for their work?".  Personally, I think it's none of that druggie's goddamn business, but this is your "rap", so to speak, so I'll leave it to your professional discretion.

Dr. Fucktard:
Damn right it's none of that druggie's business!

Why don't you druggie bastards quit worrying about how much money we make and focus on the tens of thousands of kids that have gotten Straight because of our loving, helpful dedication to the treatment of teen chemical dependency?

You druggie ingrates are all alike.....

Dr. Miller Newton:
Good afternoon, Fucktard!  I stopped by the SIBS building today and I must say it is incredible work we've been doing there.  Congratulations are in order to you, Dr. Fucktard, The lovely Ruth Ann, and the rest of the Staff.  Truly inspirational.  I particularly like the shade of yellow that the Group Room is painted. It reminds me of the beloved Gandy Blvd. building.  Ahh, the memories!

Our next question, actually two questions, were sent to me by "Roy", and I'll just use a little 'cut and paste' magic to show it to you:

On 2005-03-31 13:17, Roy wrote:

"Haven't you figured out yet that fucktard is just a troll, a fake, for bating you? You stupid fuck. Where did you get your Doctorate? California Coast College or some other diploma mill?

Dr. Fucktard:
Well, Dr. Newton, it was addressed to you, why don't you field this one?  The little druggie apparently feels some sort of admiration for you, so perhaps it would be therapeutic, as well as informative, if you took this one....




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