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Napolean Bonafart:
I don't know you, but I'm "Barry's Brother" I broke out of Alfred's house and escaped after one day. God, I feel sorry for what they did to Barry. He's totally scarred for life.
We must create an atmosphere where the crooked cop fears the honest cop, and not the other way around.
Frank Serpico
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I remember both of those names. I just wish I could place a face with them.
Tell Barry I hope things get better for him someday and that he is not alone.

Sam Kinison:

--- Quote ---On 2005-11-30 06:55:00, lonebikerdude1 wrote:

"I just recently found this site.

Wow! Talk about feelings flooding back!

It's all I can think about from the time I wake to the time I drift off to sleep.

My name is Bryan. Last name used to be Rodocker.

Anyone out there remember me?

I was in from 76 to 78.

Right after my 18th birthday I got as drunk as I could!

I went through a period of that for awhile.

Some nights I was so drunk I don't know how I made it home. I guess it was a rebound effect from everything that happened.

I'm happy to say that today I can drink socially or alone and have not progressed to the harder drugs that I was promised I would end up on if I ever took another drink or smoked another joint for the rest of my life!

I don't smoke pot anymore started making me WAY too paranoid!

How do you post a pic?

I don't see where is says how to attach a file."

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I remember you well,as your brother and neighbors

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Was that the name of that building we were in? Morgan Yacht? I was in the one by Pinellas Square Mall, is that it? I copped out in the middle of the night from Tampa in my underwear. They had a screw in the window, instead of an alarm, so they could open it a little for air, so I stole a butterknife from the dinner table and left. Then, I spent the next 18 years as a drunk and drug addict, and I really could have used the Twelve Steps, because they work, but after being in that place, where they used the Steps for their own purposes, I wasn't able to. I almost died. My brother got put in there too, and they tricked my mom into keeping him there for three years, just for smoking a joint or something. She ended up ruined financially, basically forever, and our family was even more destroyed than it was before. Sad stuff, and I can't say it's over either. However, I am a very straight-forward thinker and talker, who has a very strong connection to who I really am now, all as a result of travelling as a bum, and being with the Native Americans, and being in Straight (hey, most people only think they know what brainwashing is), and just good old paying attention, so anyone that ever does need to talk about something or really needs my help, I truly want you to find me.
God is real, but it is NONE of the shit you have ever been polluted with, and everything you always wanted. The God I believe in is the Sun that grows the Plant who feeds the Mouse that the Hawk rips open to feed himself so he can soar and cast His Mighty Shadow on the Earth. And can deny that it is Power? Does the Sun know wrong or right? Does the Sun care who thinks they rule the World? No. It just shines.


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