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Just for the hell of it I searched for straight. After 20 years.God I feel old.The pictures really brought back alot of memories.I cant remember alot of the names.I made it to 3rd phase.And got my parents to take me out.

Tampa survivor:
Welcome fellow 1981 friend.  I intaked on 12-7-80, and was in for 2years so I may remember you.  My name is Bill Hadley, and I was only 13, dark blonde hair and thin.  Hang on to your socks while visiting this site;  if you are like me, the first few weeks were like a flood being released after 20 years.
Take care, bill

I found this stuff about 2 years ago. For 3 or 4 months, I couldn't stop reading, thinking and ranting about straight.   I was in Dec '78 - 'Feb 80.  Welcome aboard.

I do'nt remember the names.But you are right about the feelings flooding back.To this day I ca'nt eat or look spam.Remember those horrible sandwiches you would gag on.And the stupid songs.Its those stupid little things that have stuck with me.I was in the summer into the fall of 1981.About 5 months.How many kids did they fuck up?
p.s. the name is Lisa Hunter

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Tampa survivor:
Are you reading on the other site?  I just posted a bit about a couple or girls (the Harbors) who were raising hell during the same time you were there.  You were there with me...did you know twyla west or Bob Cody?  Did you live in Tampa or Pinellas.  I am trying to place you...


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