Author Topic: Our Press Release on Sembler's buy of a $113 million monumen  (Read 675 times)

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Our Press Release on Sembler's buy of a $113 million monumen
« on: March 17, 2005, 02:51:00 PM »
I think Mel Sembler's latest antic goes beyond all sensibilities--negotiating a deal to get US taxpayers buy a building in Rome for $113 million and then having it dedicated to himself for all the great things he has done as ambassador!  In the entire history of the United States Mel Sembler is the only sitting ambassador to have a building on foreign soil named for himself!

Fourteen years ago the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce tried to erect a monument in that town for his greatness while he was still sitting. Recently,  The St. Pete Times, Sembler's hometown newspaper, ran a piece that a building had been named for Sembler, but it will not touch the story beyond that.  Sembler's government web page links to the Times article.  The Times will not tocuh the latest Italian newspaper article about Sembler and Straight either.  The Times has not done its job.

Consequently,  we have prepared a Press Release to expose  the escapades of this man named Mel Sembler.  Please help us get the widest dissemination possible both here and abroad on this Press Release.

Press Release

Thank you,

Wes Fager
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