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My first educational consultant who referred by parents to SRA was

Yvonne Perier Jones, Ph.D.
Educational Referral Services
Specialties: School, Special needs
The address I have for her is old.
I did meet her once while I was at SRA when we had a formal dinner with a bunch of ed-cons.

The second ed-consult who referred my parents to DMR was

Linda Shaffer

Has anyone had any dealings with an educational consultant named George Posner?


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"Has anyone had any dealings with an educational consultant named George Posner?"

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Ummmm, Yes I remember him. I think he was at KHK inHebron Kentucky in 1989. Probably at least through 1990-1991.
He Had a daughter in the program too.....Shannon Posner... actually if I remember correctly I think that he had to children there but I do not remember the other ones name or if they were a boy or a girl....I want to say a girl.

Wealth of information here, I am...:smile: :cool:
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Were you referred to a program by him? If so, which one?

Helena Handbasket:
Well this is interesting - an Ed-Con that lists PTSD and.... everything else. ... isis_.html

What? Really screw 'em up in the first place, then treat it?

I wonder if they use the escorts to haul away the kids with PTSD??

Now there's a racket!


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