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These programs are very good at selling their product. Even seemingly honest psychiatrists appear to get sucked into the scam. I can't see how a reasonable person can let their kid be in one of these places for a year or more without smelling something foul.  These places stink of abuse very quickly. At some point, it has to be a conscious disregard for reality.

ohmigod that's true.
whatta crazy world. poor me poor parents. let's blame the system...the matrix. phuckers.

Dear Hanlea,
      I agree that many CEDU programs are destructive emotionally.  I went to Sagewalk, A.K.A. Brat camp, four years ago and had a similar experience.  I was not on drugs, involved in the law, or with the wrong crowd.  Low self esteem and anger problems, due to watching my father die less than a year before being sent, were the reasons I went.   The camp staff initially told me that I was to be there a month, however when that month rolled around they said that I was not allowed to leave until I started making "progress".  I was forced to talk about things which, by doing so put a damper on my emotional development.  I felt embarressed, exposed, and especially guilty by the tactic of "speak or stay indeffinately".  No one should force their presence so much as to skip trust forming, bond making and friendship building steps in trying to help a teenager who recently lost a father. After reviewing the brochure, I do see the deception involved in creating them.  There was no education that I recieved outside of emotional growth packets,  the "professionals" had little or no training if any, and the environment for emotional development was, most definately, not fertile soil.   What happened after this experience?  I was left to deal with issues created by the camp, and my relationship with my mom has suffered greatly because of the poor decision to fall into believing  the trickery.  It is hard not to blame her, however, I do believe that she was scammed into believing this program and her money (over twenty seven thousand to be exact) were going to help her child during a troubling time.  Such CEDU programs have hurt many kids emotionally, and I am one of them as well.

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Pile of Dead Kids:
Aww, business not looking good Lon? Your ed-con business fell through the fucking floor so now you're seeing to make your money on somebody else's?


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