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Roy: is owned by the ex CEDU enrollment person who was paid on comission, Lon Woodberry. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

When a Cedu escort drugged and raped a girl, his wife Denise Woodberry $$$$$$ was the Boundary County Prosecuting Attorney. Though the rapist, Armstrong, was clearly guilty. He was not prosecuted by Woodberry, Can you guess why? $$$

I think it was because Denise's husband was making a lot of money $$$$$ at CEDU, and prosecuting a CEDU escort for rape would lose the school enrollments and thus lose her husband Lon Woodberry money. $$$$$$$

These so called educational consultants are mostly ex cedu program staff. They know little about kids or education. They know a lot about money.

What are the qualifications to be an educational consultant and make referrals for cash to abusive boarding schools? A high school diploma and some experience yelling at kids in rap sessions will do.  

Thanks Ginger for starting this topic.

It is very interesting that the Association of Independent Educational Consultants accepts donations from Aspen, CEDU and other programs, and many Ed Cons are active members of NATSAP.

The introduction of a Creator has done our independence no good.
--Gore Vidal, author
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National Association of Theraputic Schools and Programs....Check out their website.

Roy:  read this and all I can say is- Damn...this makes me sick. Thought we had problems with the Whitmore mess.


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