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It's what some people are "happy about" that is scary. Read the posting about being right in Cheryl's face while posting threats to former students followed by the Ha Ha Ha Ha
Now that is happy people???? That is scary lady!
And YOU like your daughter being there? You are scary then.

Tori's mom, why don't you post all the confidential information about WHY you sent Tori to Whitmore and let us read it? Think that would be OK? Think that would be the kind, professional, Christian thing to do to your daughter? Just asking.

So Alana's going to "Graduation?" WHY?
Don't you live in the "SUNSHINE STATE?" Can't find anything fun to do there?  Are you REQUIRED by the Suds to attend this event? Is that part of "the program?"
I know in the REAL WORLD, that once your own kid graduates from HIGH SCHOOOL, Parents just move on, PERHAPS may be a BIT involved in your child's college activities etc...and your child's High School becomes THE CHILD'S "history" and usually something the child REVISTS like MAYBE a 10th, 20th, 25th class reunion---THAT DOES USUALLY INCLUDE MOMMY DEAREST. Why are you and your daughter so engrossed in this girl's high school "experience" at Whitmore?" Seems strange.

Corrrection: Class Reunions that DOES NOT

when is this graduation? does it mean anything except that the kids contract is over?


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