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hope its worth something to you out there

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thats not fair at all. i actually have very decent english. whats the point in being perfect on a web forum? i guess the fact that i am going somewhere in life after having been through more hell than you can imagine...its all nothing to you so i need not argue anymore.

No need for perfection, but capitalization, punctuation and so on, would make what you write more readable.
I have noticed a general dumbing down of writing skills all across the board.
I recall once proofing a paper for one of my kids and being told it was fine. It was not fine. It looked like much that turns up on these forums. We argued, but in the end I let the paper go back to school in its sorry state; thinking the resulting low grade would wake up my lazy author.
Paper got an A.
Turned out it was fine after all.  
Oh, and this too:
Your wrong to think people don't care that your doing well after going through hell. I think lots do care and are happy for you. They might tend to debate who should get the credit, but this doesn't mean they aren't happy your happy.

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--- Quote ---On 2005-03-13 10:02:00, Anonymous wrote:

"It is SAID Mark and Cheryl wear the "garments." Now how would a student know THAT? Scary huh?"

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Because many of them saw Cheryl in hers.  My kid did and got freaked out!  Others have said the same, at least 4 I know of. Would the general public tolerate a teacher appearing in her underware in front of students???  Heck no!  She would be suspended or fired immediately.  Why then would it be acceptable for Cheryl to appear in her underware/garments in front of our children.  Could it be the "family" atmosphere they grew accustomed to?  I would feel very uncomfortable in my underware in front of a teenage boy, why wouldn't Cheryl?? Something very wrong with this picture!!

Yeah, that seems out of line - but to be fare - this kind of under garment is extremely modest. Far more so than most modern street cloths. But it is, after all, underwear, and in front of the young men? Not a good move. I wouldn't like the idea as a parent, and I can imagine the students feeling pretty uncomfortable about it.  What would happen if they laughed out loud at the sight?


--- Quote ---On 2005-03-14 16:03:00, Anonymous wrote:

Because many of them saw Cheryl in hers.  My kid did and got freaked out!  

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Wow! Any corroboration to this?
[Religion is] the daughter of hope and fear, explaining to ignorance the nature of the unknowable.
--Ambrose Bierce
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