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Pictures of building


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look half way down the page after intro and you will see a link to "more pics of morgan yacht building

Did you know that that was the original Seed building. The Seed was given the building in June of 1973 by a businessman for free for one year. In 10/74 they bought the building for approx 275,000. In October of 1975, The Seed abrubtly abandoned the building citing financial problems and bad press.

So, Marti, I guess you have inadvertently invited 2000 ex seedlings to your discussion.

When did the Straight first occupy the building?  Someone was trying to tell me that the straight was in a different building, but the pictures say otherwise. That is 100% the Seed building.

Yes, I do know thats why we took the pics. Did you get the one pic we sent via email that we took just for you

seed building was behind tyrone mall in 1974.
ther's a place called the seed
where theres help for those in need
gotta find me a place
in the seed,
like a branch on a tree
i been reachin to be free
gotta find me a place
in the seed


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