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please read this!!!!


i have sent this to the moderators as well....

hi, my name is kerry and the message titled "i was sent there" on the mission mountain topic was written by me a few years ago and e-mailed to a few people i knew.  i was angry and on drugs when i wrote it and had just left mission mountain before i was supposed to.  the stuff i wrote was untrue and hateful.  the post was reprinted without my permission and even included my personal e-mail address which i would not have posted if i had actually done it.  in fact i am about to move back to montana with my boyfriend and am still in touch with the staff at mms and former students.  i like and respect everyone i was in contact there (well except for this one girl who got on my nerves).  i do not want mission mounatin to have this kind of publicity because i really care about a lot of the staff there and don't want what i wrote to reflect on them.  yes, mission mountain was tough.  but it's a treatment center it's supposed to be.  it was not abusive in any way.  in fact most of the girls that graduate from there go on to lead amazing lives and never relapse.  in fact i only know of two girls that did out of  about 80.  and even they have since gotten their lives back on track.  i am really sorry i wrote that and i am really upset that it got reprinted.  i did not authorize that to be posted and i really need you to remove that within 24 hours please, i don't want any more damage to be done.  thank you very much,


Thank you for coming back and telling the truth. You did good!!


I only hope others come forward about mission mountain school


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