Author Topic: Lemme shed some light on things for everyone!  (Read 1347 times)

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Lemme shed some light on things for everyone!
« on: October 16, 2002, 01:13:00 PM »
You are not going to close down Elan. I read the article in the Lewiston newspaper done on Elan and its practices.
From what i read, the state of Maine did research into Elan.
They concluded that the children attending Elan are in no danger, quite to the contrary, they were so impressed with the Elan program they decided to make recommendations for more students from Maine to attend.
These are sad times we live in, very sad.
I feel personally that there are bigger problems we must face.
By facing the fundamental issues at work in the current Elan situation, we might be able to pave a new way for the future.
Here are some thoughts, if marijuana became legalized in this country, there would be less children sent to Elan.
If more money was allocated in the Federal budget to combat needy families and orphaned children, less children would be sent to Elan.
If more money was spent on rehabilitation, rather than on incarceration, less children would have to go to Elan.

Perhaps, attacking the foundations of the bigger picture is a better way to fight Elan.
I have done extensive research into Elan as it operates these days , as well as many other treatment programs around the country.
I have found one common denominator, the government of this country thinks it is their responsibility to " save" everyone. In many cases I remember from attending Elan, more often than not it was the state sending kids to Elan, not their parents. They think that someone who smokes a joint is a criminal and needs immediate help.
Our ability to think outside the box is what separates us from the apes.
Maybe, just maybe, if someone or a large group of someones figures out how to convince our governing body that a majority of these so called "issues" and " problems" that face the youth of today aren't really problems at all, less people will have to endure the tortures of Elan.
In my opinion, until the government decides that it is wrong to try and brainwash the public into sheep, robots and unchallenging tax paying statistics, the Elan problem will never disappear, it will only pop up elsewhere.

Everyone who went to Elan knows that it is a terrible place and knows of all the horrible, unmentionable, bizarre things that happened there, tucked away and hidden in the endless woods of Maine.
The question is, are you really ready to change things for the better, or are you trying to seek some legal judgement and monetary gain, selfishly for your own greedy reasons.

I have said it here before in previous posts, if you have a heart in that empty chest cavity, it should be reaching out to the children suffering there right now.
Class action lawsuits and personal hidden agendas aimed at particular staff are feeble and foolish.
If you want to make things right, simply do the right thing.
Help people to free their minds.
I hear all the talk about how smart we are as a species as compared to animals. Are we really so smart?
I walk around this earth and most of the poeple who I meet are morons.
Anyone else see what i see?
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