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Talked to Exec staff who thinks you all need to get over it

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Dr Fucktard:
Ahhhh...those beautiful blue chairs!

Dr Fucktard:
They are looking good right now since there are plenty of druggies sitting in them.

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Sam Kinison:
For almost 500 days in Straight,the cruelest thing Dave ever said to me was when one time he shouted during exercises"You should work harder at these because you need it more than the others!"Thanks for the reminder!Not very nice,but nothing I can't get over.After reading some other peoples' blogs,only then did I realize that after I left that this man took a giant leap off the deep end.He was one of two male senior staffers when I came into the program.The other one ended up spending time in Pinellas Horizons(a psychiatric hospital) before getting married and finally getting his life in order.He was the first former staff member to say that he was unqualified for the position he held.From all that I've heard,Dave would have benefitted as well with a visit to the Psychiatric Ward.The Sarasota people say that Chris Cassler ended up as a violent person as well.I sure hope as a 5th phaser that I was never that way.Between the brainwashing and the other stimuli,obviously Straight could bring out the worst in anybody.


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