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Talked to Exec staff who thinks you all need to get over it

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Tampa survivor:
Gee, is that supposed to frighten us off?  Does Crock(oh such an appropriate name) really believe that they are the only people with friends in high places?  Well, lets get ourselves counter-sued then.  The St Pete Times buys ink by the 55 gallon drum and has been sympathetic for over 20 years to us.  Let the court of public opinion decide if "helping" us was what STRAIGHT did.

I am not addressing this to you, but I'm only stating how I feel and I am quite appauld at her remarks, I am quite angry and upset over her responses and she is the one who needs to understand what torchure we all went through, not just at her facility, but all the others like it.

Sorry for rambling, but I needed to get this out.

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Tampa survivor:
I thought this board was for St Pete early days issues.  I appreciate all posts, but I think we should moderate ourselves to keeping certain things, debate, issues covered on main board.  Am I out to lunch on this?  I hate to say St Pete only, and don't think we should limit ourselves, but people from 1991 in new jersey or michigan went through a VERY different experience. If we want to hold the interest of well spoken successful former straightlings ready to DO something, this board must remain tightly focused.
Bill Hadley
St Pete & Atlanta

Tampa survivor:
Please don't take that last post the wrong way, as I am a prolific poster on the main board.  We have to organize.  Look at the bunny huggers, right to lifers, etc.  A movement begins in chaos, and progresses with time.  we need a spot for strategy, reunion, and planning.  We have a spot for theraputic remembrance and debate already.


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