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Hope you all enjoy the board just gives the people of Morgan Yacht a chance to share names numbers and faces.

Excellent choice on the theme song and structure of the new page...I look forward to seeing it after some more design time.
Thanks for inviting me here.  The main board has SO many people who were not there at the beginning, and it seems that the different programs had different levels of insanity.  After the Newtons tossed me to Atlanta, I felt like I was on vacation comparatively speaking.  I mean, the worst days of my life were there, but the abuse was more mental and less physical=than St Pete.
Well, I entered right as the program was moving to Gandy, but the faces will certainly be more familiar to me here.  
I am ready to get real with making some waves about Straight.  Count me in.  I am tenacious like few others, and I want to use my skills to help us make noise.  Enogh jabbering on the board.
Bill Hadley
Never surrendered, split off

I am ready to go full public, but has anyone given thought to a private board for strategies sake?

Sorry bout the server problems. Site is working now.


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