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« on: March 14, 2005, 08:11:00 PM »
Although I realize http:// is not technically an Educational Consultant, I do believe they deserve a mention in this forum. If you actually take the time to do their "expert" questionnaire, I am willing to bet that just about any teenager will "qualify" for some immediate attention and/or treatment. I know I tried it with my child, who has got to be one of the easiest teenagers to deal with, and the recommendation given to me was to find a therapist and/or program immediately. In that way, they might not actually be an EdCon, but even worse. They are trying to push parents in the same direction with the impression that this suggestion is somehow made based on actual medical/psychological training and research. I will admit that there is a disclaimer listing that it is not an actual medical diagnosis, but they do still offer their cookie cutter recommendations based on a totally one-sided questionnaire. They also do make a point to list all their PhD's on the About Us page.

Also, Michael Conner, who is the person credited as being the driving force behind creating this service, is himself an Educational Consultant (http:// I have not seen anywhere that he lists which programs he recommends, but he was the Consulting Psychologist for Family, Therapeutic and Psychological Services. SageWalk, The Outdoor School from 1998-1999 (http://

Another thing I would like to point out about the About Us page is that there seems to have been several changes lately. In the beginning of February it was posted on another thread in "The Teen Help Industry" forum that Larry Solie, the SageWalk Executive Director at the time, was listed as one of the Acting Directors and Advisors (on the stored page that I have, dated Jan 11, 2005 he was actually listed as one of the Board of Directors). I am personally curious if the removal of the Board of Directors section (or Acting Directors and Advisors section which is also no longer there) had anything to do with Larry Solie's recent advancement to the title of SageWalk's Executive Director & CEO, or if they just didn't like people being directed to the obvious conflict of interest from the Fornit's page. I think it would probably be a safe bet that he is still just as involved as always, just they have decided to stop advertising that fact.
Changes (since Jan 11, 2005)

Board of Directors (entire section removed)
Margaret Hughes, Director, Marketing and Communications
Kevin Rea , Director, Strategic Business Development
Larry Solie, MBA, Director, Operations and Finance

Board of Health Care and Education Advisors
Sandy Alfanso, Esq.

Karen Vogel

Board of Health Care and Education Advisors
Kevin Rea (used to be listed as member of the Board of Directors)
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