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Hey leah why don't you shut your fake slutty ass up and leave the whitmore alone? do you constantly bother them because you have no life and your only enjoyment is to be a complete coward and bother them? What is your problem? You might know who this is and if you do im coming for you.

Is this another threat?  You were just reported to the Nephi Police.

I hope you do know that there are laws, local, state and federal against threatening anyone this way.

You titled this correctly..."STUPID."

What exactly are you so worried about?  From what I have read posted by Leah, she seems to have told about her experiences at Whitmore from her point of view.  Everyone is entitled to that.

Why all the threats? Why all the anger?

Who are you?

Where's all the unconditional "family love" you people shout about?

To protect my family, for what it's worth, I'm going to remain anonymous.

The unconditional family love exists only for those who remain under Cheryl's control, and she does control everyone.

A Whitmore student went home with phone numbers, e-mail addresses, tearful hugs, the whole works.  After a few weeks of correspondence she was suddenly dropped.  When she tried to get back in touch (with one of her closest friends there), she received three pages of vitriolic abuse even a criminal wouldn't deserve.  Because she was no longer under Cheryl's thumb, she could no longer be trusted;  instead, she was vilified.

Considering that Cheryl Sudweeks monitors and approves every article of correspondence that goes in and out of there, that should tell you how much  true love is valued at the Whitmore.

Any parent who is reading these posts should stop fooling themselves and GET THEIR CHILDREN OUT.  Don't believe anything your children tell you while they are there;  they are so thoroughly controlled some of them don't even realize it.

I say this as someone whose heart is nearly broken by what was done to someone I loved while she was there.

First of all, if the kids at Whitmore wanted to talk to this girl after she left, the parents of those kids can approve communication. The girl is probably one of those negative people saying alot of bad things about Whitmore and that's probably why Cheryl cut it off. I don't blame her. They don't need alot of negative stuff coming from that girl. This website is hurting alot of people, and I don't mean just Whitmore. It's hurting the kids to see these things being said about Whitmore. Even the kids who have left and loved it are hurting as well. But, the parents can approve communication with anyone they want their child to talk to. All they have to do is tell Cheryl.

Also, the parents pay Whitmore to have control over their emails, letters, etc. Isn't that why the parents put their child cut off communication with negative stuff? The parents need Cheryl to take control. Are you telling me that all the other programs allow the kids outside contact with all their friends and boyfriends, girlfriends, etc. No, they don't. See, Whitmore really is no different than other programs.

And, if your daughter is one of these kids putting bad things on the internet about Whitmore, maybe you need to take control of her and confront Whitmore yourself. I'm sorry your daughter was hurt. It seems to me these bad feelings need to be worked thru and I believe Whitmore gave her the tools to do that. Maybe she just needs a little boost from Mom.


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