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Mountain Park Academy Survivors Online Support Group


There are 3 main support groups growing online. The first is the new website We have an articles database,survivors stories section, message forum, chatroom, and as I get it scanned and updated I am posting the original Mountain Park Parent's Handbook (you'll find it in the "straight from the horse's mouth" section-- so the students can finally see the lies our parents were fed when they brought us in. We're open to everyone, not just Mountain Park students, but eventually I'm hoping to get information for other programs put together with stories from students across the country.

Second, there is an EZboard forum which has a growing number of debates with pro and con former students, staff, and even Sam Gerhardt himself posting from time to time- yes, we all know he's full of himself. The link to the ezboard is

The third is a yahoo group created by Sarah Lester-Dorning. You can reach this group at

Thank you so much. If you have any questions about any of these sites, feel free to email me anytime.

Angela Collier
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I just read the parent's handbook... it's really insane how they're actually using the parents as part of the "indoctrination" process, asking them to hang up on the student (who has probably looked forward to the phone call for the longest time). A very, very effective method of making the student feel isolated, and, needless to say, an effective programming device.

I'm very familiar with IFB (independent fundamental baptist) beliefs... and actually, this sort of thing doesn't surprise me. Fundamentalists such as the people who started Mountain Park also started dozens of other schools, including the extremely cultic college that I attended for a while (Pensacola Christian College) and some of my elementary schools (all of which used ACE, and most of which regularly used "corporal punishment"). It's very sad that people who were called to grace and love are instead turning to legalism and abuse.


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