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To Leah and her family


Leah and her Grandma,
    Ok here is the deal, this is Hannah.  I am sorry but why is this happening?  I am being humiliated online about some things that people do not even know about and it hurts to think that you would partake in all of this.  Leah why are you thinking like this.  I do not care what we talked about when we were friends but I am not the same person.  I have been making a lot of changes and this isn't like it was on the cruise, I have grown up and I am real this time.  It hurts because I felt like you two and  your mom were part of my family and I felt really close to even though sometimes our relationship was not that good.  I do love you guys but I wish you would come to your senses, no matter what has happened I am sick of this site and the things that they have been saying about Cheryl and everyone else.  And for other people also I am honest and open with my family now and Leah please do not put me in your postings anymore, we were good friends but we aren't anymore so please leave my name out and this to everyone who likes to bring me into stuff.  Please, are you going to forget all of the good times.  Why focus on all the crap that you know is not true.  This site it so stupid and you know it, Leah I know who you are and you can say whatever you want back to me but I still wish we could work all of this out.  Also please stop calling my family and leave them alone.  I heard what you told my mom and I might have been naiive to think like you did at one time but I know what to believe and what not to.

Peace Out :silly:

Hannah, please be aware that Leah is only concerned about you.  What was stated to your mother was not something she made up.  It has been stated by more than one person.  Her concern was for you.  It took her a long time to decide to take the chance and talk to her, knowing that there was a chance that she would say what she did end up saying.  She took that chance out of her love for you.  If it's not true, good, that's great.  If not, then.........well, at least she tried to help.  We wish you nothing but the best.

Hannah, I really don't remember reading your name on any of these posts.  We would not humiliate you
on purpose for any reason.  I really don't understand why you kids are even allowed to respond to anything that is written here.  It's not very smart of Mark and Cheryl.  

Take good care of yourself, you are a very special person.  Don't let anyone harm you in any way.  No one deserves to be treated any way other than with respect.


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