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potters house girls home?

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hey this is krystal. i was just wondering if anyone has heard of the school potters house girls home? i had a few friends who were sent there and i cant find ANYTHING on it except for the website

they have a lot of similarities with victory but if you called the director a bitch, like my good friend lauren, you had to clean out horse stables for 2 weeks. just wondering if anyone knows anything about it.
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hi Krystal, i am a survivor of the Roloff Rebekah cult, from the 1970's....i have heard about this place,
i do believe it is for girls who are pregnant? and if this is the same place then i hve heard that bunch of babies are unaccounted for and missing and some were i have heard were placed in homes of convicted persons...

thanks for starting this string...
though i am not sure if it is directly connected to the roloff line of homes, it is thru FAACCA....


yeah its also known as alpha omega pregnancy center... not only are babies unaccounted for, i think a few girls are missing that went there as well. they were from the "potters house" part of it, which is for troubled girls like vca. i dont know enough about it except that my friends who went there absolutely hated it. they accept girls who really haven't done anything wrong... i dont understand how these programs are meant to treat drug and alcohol problems, but they don't do any drug and screening tests?
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hi its me again, the anonymous from Rebekah....
that is interesting what you say,
so, is this potters house also a drug and alchohol rehab too? or is it mainly for girls who are in crisis pregnancy??

i had heard rumors, unsubstantiated that there could be possible missing persons from various roloff shootoffs, you know, the "runaways"
the ones who never ever "return"

but i dont know how proven this 'idea' is...only heard rumors....nothing proven...

but i have heard from a very very reliable source that the Potters House is under FAACCA
and that Mike Palmer sat on its board...Mike Palmer is one of them "snakes" ni the grass...and has been accused of rape...ran VCA...

but, he was on the Board, in much like manner Wiley Cameron was on the board in Texas for TAACCA...
yes, lots of missing little ones...

foxes watching the henhouse indeed....
do you know of any other connection between Potters and Roloff?????

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anyone who knows anything can post anonymously and speak up and not continue the lying that these places thrive in and with...

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just curious do you live in florida??? i know a little bit about potters house alpha omega pregnancy center please email me @ [email protected]


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