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Slander------ please


Matt C. Hoffman:
Hey folks ,

I would like to state for the record that every post that I have posted on the other elan dedicated site ,(within this fourum )by me is true to the best of my knowledge .

I also maintain that kruglik, gottlieb,mccann,and zarezky should be locked up for the rest of their natural lives .

elan as a corporation should be investagated for running a continueing criminal enterprise . After all I always thought it was against the law to abuse people (adults and children),and then make money off of it .

I was in elan from '74 to '76 what I saw and experienced was out right criminal .

I stand by my posts .


i agree with you completely. i recently got pulled out of that hell hole. the only thing that has changed from when you were there is that there is a lesser amount of students because of new york's wise decision on taking people out of it. people are still having to wait up to 5 hours to use the bathroom. people are still being unjustly punished and people are still being restained and abused by the so called support persons in the corner. please contact me at [email protected] if you want more information of the current situation

The Elan Reporter:
If I was made to wait 5 hours to use the bathroom, I would just whip it out and piss all over their cheap, dated floors. I guess the 5 hour bathroom wait must of came after my time and I have a pretty good idea who came up with that sick mind twisting idea. TCK!

I can see it now.. TCK is a director meeting: Me suh would like to propose new way to fuck with teens. Me suh thinks all teens who ask to use potty, must have a mandatory 5 hour wait time, hi yuh yuh yuh! Me suh wants to take child abuse to next level and abuse the white mans teen as much as possible. Me suh hold huge grudge for white man raping me suh's land and me suh wants pay back! Hi yuh yuh yuh, hi yuh yuh yuh!


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