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Did the seed introduce us to a higher power?

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Ft. Lauderdale:
Yeah-  We said the lords prayer every day.  I believe reference to the group being a higher power was because that was where answers were comming from that I needed at that time.  Wtaylor I think I know you - in fact I know I do.  Did you become an Artist?  I have thought about you from time to time?  Are you still driving that huge clunker around?  Did you get it from your grandmother or something?  If my memory serves me correctly? :grin:

You know, I now do remember that whole ceremony at the end of the night, I just don't remember it as the lord's prayer.

I think I have oldtimers disease! :grin:

That is what this forum is all about. Helping all of us remember what happened way back when...and weird how after over 30 years, each one of us, something sparked a memory that got us to this site.

Does anyone remember the story Libby told about when she was a junkie and when one of her friends Overdosed and died they stuck his body in a garbage can? That is one story that I can remember to this day...I guess at 13 it made an impression on me. She was one hardcore B****. She scared me!!!
And with all the haircuts going on didn't she have long hair if I recall?

You recall correctly. She had very long hair, which she used to flip back constantly.

I'll kick your arse:


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