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Did the seed introduce us to a higher power?

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The reason I remember that we said the Lords Prayer is how we held hands when we said it...and years later when I went to church we would do the same thing and it brought back the memory of doing it at the seed.
Thank you for backing me up on this Trucker and was not a figment of my imagination.


--- Quote ---On 2005-01-22 09:39:00, Ican'tTalktoYou wrote:

"Well Greg, looks like you and I are the only ones that do not remember this.  I wonder why???  We both seem to have been very unhappy there.  Maybe we said it by rote every night. I can see how feelings of abandonment and unhappiness could do that.

What do you think?"

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I Just think 30 year old memories aren't always right. That is why I asked for independent verification. Thanks trucker and Fran.

Now I am wondering why? Why did the seed say the lord's prayer? The place wasn't religious....

someone know?

It eas considered a universal prayer at seed (once again, not a prayer that claimed a particular faith). It was said right after "Jingle Bells." All would have to be holding hands as part of the circl. Ask away, greg. . .here is your chance. . .everyhting you've wanted to know.

Thanks. Might I ask whom I am speaking to? Whoever you are..welcome to the forum.

Now that I am asking "anything I ever wanted to know", the first question, the big

"where did art learn the synanon techniques used at the seed?


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