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Did the seed introduce us to a higher power?

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Jimmy Cusick:
Ive been wondering what role the seed played in my present day spirituality. When we worked the 3rd step-Turned our life and will over to the care of a higher power- Did that mean to assume we had a god of our understanding or to invent one or to use the group as a higher power?
As I remember Jesus Christ was the God of my childhood but I dont remember using him much in my teenage seed years. I did use the mountains, the tree's, the universe as cosmic higher power but I think that was after the seed.

I dont think I learned much about spirituality in the seed as I was taught to rely on self for the power to accomplish whatever it was that I was attempting to do. Why cant I remember learning anything about God? Did any other seedlings have similiar experiences? Let me know.

Jimmy, in st pete, in 1973, "the group" was most everyone´s higher power.

I always thought this was so hippocritical, art used to tell people their kids would be straight, love God and country, but in reality the seed had a definite athiestic bent.

In answer to your question I can so with absolute certainty the seed played and plays no role in my spirituality or lack thereof

Also, you were never taught to rely of ¨self¨but rather were taught that your ¨self¨was weak and powerless and doomed to ultimate failure without the seed.

I didn't learn anything about god or my own spirituality. I just learned to follow the group without question...

Religion was discouraged, like anything else that wasn't 100% Seed...I can't imagine somebody actually praying, wearing religious clothing, attending church or temple, or having a religious discussion at the Seed. "My Higher Power is the Group" was the only thing we were encouraged to say.

Some oldcomers did attend church while I was on the program. But it was rare. I recall a few oldtimers visiting and speaking about finding god or getting born-again, etc. We were told that art borrowed ideas from many of the major world's religions as well as psychology when he constructed the seed program.

The seed was too close to being a religion itself to encourage or allow too much religious involvement. I remember being actively discouraged from asking any 'deep' or existential questions. Such inquiries as to the meaning of life, what happens when we die or the origin of the universe, etc.  were dismissed as 'philosophical bullshit' and getting into your head. I remember one oldtimer acquantance that was struggling with these sort of questions and the seed concluded that he was crazy and the seed couldn't help him. He hadn't used drugs or alcohol, yet the seed rejected him and urged him to see a therapist. I knew him. He wasn't insane. Just asking the kinds of questions lots of people have asked through-out the ages. If the seed didn't have the was not a valid question.

If anyone questioned communism or the party-line, the soviet union routinely placed them in psychiatric hospitals. Since communism was obviously the perfect system, anyone doubting it 'must' be crazy!


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