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nah, don't worry.  

Yeah, this stuff has haunted me for over 20 years.  It helps just understanding that you weren't the only one.  Look around the site, check out the forums.  It's helped me immensely.  Glad you found at least some information. :smile:

thanks so much. i have been looking around and i didnt realize how many people have been affected by these places.its so very sad.

You've said exactly what so many of us feel inside.  No one can understand who hasn't been there.  Good luck working through this.  I think it will always be a part of me, like every experience is still a part of me, but it makes me who I am today.  It has really helped me to come on these fora.  Working to shut down these places has helped too, although it has given some of my friends and family the impression that I'm not "over it."  Oh well.

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"thanks i have always wondered what had become of the other girls there.there are people that tell me to let that stuff go.i think ive done a pretty good job of doing that.but until you have been there yourself and have been stripped of who you are you never can really get over can push it to the back of your mind but it always comes back.ive talked to my husband about things that happened to me and all i get is what did you do to deserve i dont discuss it with him one will ever understand unless they have gone through it themselves"

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i good thing that has come out of all that stuff has been i am a stronger person because of family also thinks its time to let go.and for the most i have.but the thought of more homes like that out there scares me to death for all the girls and boys.if you have any information i would be glad to help shut these places down.thanks for listening.i can be reached at [email protected] :wave:

Hi Sarah. You're absolutely right. No one understands unless they've been there. I experienced Dorothy Barnwell when she ran the Bethesda Home back in 1976 (it was a Roloff home then). I still have nightmares and occasional anxiety attacks and its been 29 years for me.I had always wondered if the Ruth home was different and sadly I guess it wasn't. The one thing that has really helped me is discovering that there are others just like me. Until I got on the internet I did not know that. Anyway, I don't talk about it much and most people really don't want to hear about it.It's just rare to run across someone that knows Aunt Dot.


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